Thursday, November 12, 2009

Selling online doesn't just mean eBay.

EBay does have the monopoly when it comes to selling online, but there are so many more sites out there. As many of you know from recent posts I have had ALOT of trouble trying to get to a market to sell my things. I am going this Saturday, finally, but I had it suggested to me, funnily enough about 2 hours after it also dawned on me that there are places online for hand made things.

I have not yet tried these sites, but these are the ones I have heard of and had suggested to me. I will be trying most of them, and for those I have I will tell you my opinion. It is only my opinion though; others may have had different experiences. is an Australian version of eBay. I have found when selling on there I do not get as high a price and it can take longer, but it’s fee’s are much cheaper and you don’t pay to relist like eBay, so for smaller items, it can be so much better. is an American site for handmade items and fabrics etc... Anyone can buy and sell on there. I have not yet, but will be. is an Australian version of Etsy. I will be giving this one a go soon too. is another Australian online classifieds website. I have heard good things, so will be trying it. is good for those bigger things like furniture etc... Which reminds me, I have “big” things I could sell on here. They aren’t at my place here, they are in Sydney, so will have to arrange that sometime.

Most places have their own classifieds online, not just in newspapers as well. Even though most of these sites are not as well known as eBay, they are becoming more popular and the more people use them, the better prices for sellers will be.

I have a range of things to list in the coming weeks, so I will update you soon.