Thursday, November 5, 2009

It is at the publishers!

Well, it is done and on its way. My book is completed and with the publisher. The cover design is being arranged, but if all goes well it will be out in December! I am so nervous and excited and just, WOW! I never thought I’d get this far! Now I just hope other people like it! I do have people interested in it already, but I am hoping people other than friends and family buy it too!

Next step is my website. I am hoping with my husband having a few days off next week I will be able to arrange to start it. I was going to today, but he got called into work.

I got the photos from the photographer, so will be able to use them when I set up my site and have used one for the front cover.

I am so nervous, but am so excited to finally be achieving a goal.

One thing, the amount it cost I need to make up, as I have used the 55 day interest free period on my credit card to pay for it. So basically, by Christmas I need to have made another $1,500 just to pay it off. Considering I should be aiming for nearly $4,000 a week to be able to achieve my goal this should be doable!