Sunday, November 22, 2009

I hit over $1000

My new tally is $1100! Woohoo, I broke the $1000 mark. I sold some hair products cheaper than RRP. I did some haircuts and a colour and I have one thing finishing on eBay tonight, although that is actually my brothers, but I get a small percentage.

I have so many ideas, yet so little time it seems. I was planning on doing the 3 Saturdays before Christmas at the markets, but now it seems I will only be able to do 2, as we will have to go to Sydney before Christmas as well.

I am amazed at the directions I could take with growing a hairdressing business. I never thought there were so many options out there for me to take.

It has been a bit hard trying to do much, with my daughters going through a phase and my husband’s impossible shifts, but it looks like that might all be changing. My husband is cutting back at work and not going to do overtime anymore. He has said this before, so I am waiting to see if it actually happens. He didn’t do any last fortnight, so fingers crossed it sticks this time.

Him not doing overtime gives me the opportunity to work on things I would like. I am hoping this sticks, because he has been working 120 every fortnight, alternating between night and day shifts, making everything else very hard.