Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finally got to the markets

I finally got to the markets yesterday and have to say it truly felt like a waste of time. It cost $32, which I split with my sister, but I only sold a few things. It was hot, hardly busy at all and was not like last time I went there.

The other stall holders said it takes a few weeks for people to realize your there, which I understand, but they weren’t really selling anything either. It really made me wonder why these people go every week and spend all day there earning maybe $50.

I did these markets with my sister in law last year and she did REALLY well. She had a unique stall. Her fathers business had closed, he was a jeweller for many years, and she was selling off his cheaper jewellery and giftware. The same stallholders were there then and some of them did not make any sales in the weeks we were there.

If you have something different, I am sure it would be good. Close to Christmas, like the few weeks before are generally busy at markets, and I am booked in then, but will be trying a different product.

I am considering doing discount salon products at a local show next week. I have to work it out and plan it more, but being a more unique product and something people use, I think it will go better.