Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coin collecting

Many old people have collected coins. They have pennies, florins, half pennies etc... If you happen to inherit any, do not throw them away without checking their value. Some can be worth a lot.

They are worth more if they are uncirculated, but they can still be worth a lot if they are rare.

It is worth reading up on coins. A 1930 penny is worth around $30,000. A 1927 Old Parliament House Florin is fetching $52,000 at the moment.

Coins are things that are often found when cleaning out grandparents homes but they are often discarded. I know of someone who found one of the florins in a pile of “junk”. Wouldn’t we all love $52,000?

One of my friends fathers used to collect coins. He checked old car bodies, old style homes etc... Some of the coins are so rare, it’s hard to find any information on them online.

Coins are like anything though. You need to know a lot about them. Uncirculated are best and not all pennies are worth as much as the 1930 one, but most I looked up were worth at least $20. (I was checking coin values the other night, not that I have any of worth.)

I find it interesting how often grandparents “treasures” are viewed as junk, whereas if they were looked at closely, many items might indeed be treasures.