Friday, October 30, 2009

Pretty good week

I made 16 recipes that were photographed this morning. They will be going on the website for my book. It was a pretty big effort and we will be doing another photo shoot soon to do the more of the recipes. It went really well and I will see the photo’s next week or so.

I also bought my domain names and a web hosting pack. I got one for the recipe book and one for another website I am going to create. I just need to write out the plans for what I would like on them, how I would like it to look etc...

I have contacted a few small businesses to see who would be interested in doing a business expo and I have a bit of interest, which is encouraging. It is looking like the end of November or early December that it will be done.

I have picked up a few more clients, and word is getting out that I am back doing hair and beauty. I hadn’t greatly advertised the fact because I was focusing on my book, but since it is pretty much done, I will be letting more people know. The auction I mentioned previously is on tomorrow, so that should be good.

Obviously since buying a domain name and hosting my total has dropped, but not by as much as I was anticipating. Paying the photographer meant my total has come down too. I am now at $460, but am I am closer to other things that will make me money.

I’m quite excited about something else too. A friend of mine has kids close to my older daughters age, and she is going to look after my daughter every now and then and I will do hair cuts in exchange. It will be so good, especially whilst I am trying to build my site. My daughter loves it there and I will get so much more done knowing she is happy somewhere else.

This week my plans are...
1.) Advertise my hairdressing business more (I will post my ideas for this later)
2.) Write up my website designs properly
3.) Strike a deal with my brother, I will be selling things for him and getting a %.