Saturday, October 10, 2009

Late update

This week has not been my best! I did manage to list a stack of things on eBay, which all end tomorrow night. I did sew a bunch of things to sell at markets next week, only to discover my husband is busy that day, so now I can’t do it.

My total is still sitting at $305, but I have done a lot of preparation work for things that will earn me money later. I should get paid in the next week for the things I have listed. I have hopefully found my photo for my book. I did get most of my recipes done, only a few left now, and have got part of it edited.

I have come up with a few more ideas, that I will go into further later and I have found someone to help me with my website. (Ok, I already knew them, but I have made a time commitment to myself now!).

We decided against buying the house in my last post. One of the biggest factors was the fact that my husband has applied for a different job. In the long run the job will be better, but in the short term his pay will be cut by around $800 a fortnight whilst training. That goes for nearly 6 months. Thing is, it can take a few years for him to get into this job, so I sort of feel like things are on hold in a lot of aspects until we know about that.

Plus, if my husband does get this job, the training is over an hour away from our house and he has to live there. It will cost us more, as I do our groceries pretty cheap, but he can’t cook like me, so it would get expensive feeding him there. Basically, if he gets this job, we couldn’t afford the house as well.

It’s all good though, all these things are just obstacles for me to work around. I’ll get there!

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