Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Free Money

If you would like free money just for opening an account clickhere to go to ING, but it is only available until December. I am not getting paid for this article, I just did it and I like free money, so thought I would spread it around.

Sign up to ING the orange every day account and once your first deposit goes in you get $20, once the first direct debit comes out you get $20 and once you use your debit card you get $20. And since you can have 2 of these accounts you can get $120. If you have a partner, why not get them to open one too and make yourselves $240.

ING is an online only bank at the moment, but they have a lot of positives. Currently their savings maximiser account has a higher interest rate than the banks. When you withdraw $200 or over from your everyday account, you get paid 50cents, instead of being charged fees.

Keep an eye out for other offers from banks. Most of them give out free money from one time or another to get more customers. I know of a few banks recently who have given $50 when you have opened an account with them.

It may seem like a hassle to constantly change your details, but I only change my eBay banking account, so it is not a big deal. When they want a salary deposited before they give money I simply transfer from a different account with salary as the description.

Not only should you be checking different banks for what extra incentives they are offering, but you should be checking your interest on everything, credit cards, savings accounts, mortgage and fees on your banking to see if you are getting the best deal. Banks don’t seem to reward loyalty anymore, so do what is best for you.