Thursday, September 17, 2009

My challenge

Today, I set myself a goal. I am going to have $1,000,000 in my account or in assets by the time I am 30. That's 289 weeks from now. Do I earn big money? No, I am a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum). Does my husband earn big money? I am not going to be counting any money from him. I am going to earn the money all by myself.

Am I nuts? Hmmm, possibly. I know that I am determined. I have been thinking about what it would be like to have $1,000,000. What I would do with it, how nicely it would set us up for life, daydreaming about winning lotto... Then today I had a thought. Set a goal and do it. Nothing is stopping you.

Winning lotto is not going to happen. I do not gamble, so do not buy lotto tickets, and since you have to be in it to win it, my chances of winning are 0. Even if I was in it, my chances of winning would only improve to .0000000000001, or round that down to ZERO.

In today’s terms, most think a million dollars is a lot of money, but wont get you very far. I beg to differ. With that money, my husband and I could pay off our house and buy 2 more and still have money left over, because we are not aiming for the million dollar huge house. A modest house in the ‘burbs will be just fine thanks. With the income generated by the other 2 houses we could live quite well. We are not big spenders, and my husband is a workaholic, so even with rental income, he still wants to work.

My husband and I agreed a little while ago that any money I earn is mine to do with as I please. I usually spend it on things for my daughters, magazines, take-away. Basically, it gets wasted. Not anymore.

289 weeks from today, broken down this means I need to go from earning nothing to almost $3500 a week. I can’t get a job because my husband does shift work, which varies so greatly it is impossible.

I can however, use all my skills and talents to earn money. I made a list of things I can do to earn money, including what I already do and how I can expand on them.

So why not hang around and see what I do to make it.

Edited to add during this challenge my husband and I separated then got back together. Just thought I'd add that as it can be a little confusing when in some posts I am single and others I refer to my husband.


  1. How cool! I know you can definitely make it there by 30. I look forward to hearing about your journey!

  2. It's a good feeling having enough money to do what you want. Good luck on your 5.5 year journey to get there! I hope you do!



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