Sunday, September 20, 2009

More ways to earn money

These days few people have enough time to do everything they need to do. When trying to think of ways to make money look for things people don’t have time to do, but things that still need doing. People are willing to pay when you are going to save them time, especially if you do a good job.

I’ve put together a list of ideas to help start you off. Whilst I wont be able to do them all, I am going to do what I can. You can see what I am already doing here

Plus if like me you have children, check out this post for ideas on childcare.

In the house...
1.) Family day care. There are companies out there where you can sign up and get trained and do day care from your house. This is increasingly popular as you can work at home with your children and since the waiting lists for childcare seem to be never ending, you will more than likely never need to advertise.
2.) Rent out a room. Can you take in a border or exchange student? Is your house designed so that you could possibly give someone their own space and thus charge more? If you have a main bedroom, ensuite and lounge area with its own entrance, you could possibly get a little kitchenette and turn it into a one bedroom studio area, which is worth more in rent than just a border in a bedroom.
3.) Rent out the garage. If you don’t really use it, or are happy to park your car on the street, why not rent out the garage to someone who needs storage space.
4.) Rent out space on your lawn or driveway to someone needing to store a boat or caravan. With both this suggestion and the one above, make it clear that their items are NOT covered by your insurance and get a proper lease/contract done up.
5.) Do you grow your own fruit and vegetables? Do you have bees or chickens? Why not put a sign out the front of your place and sell your excess.
6.) Pet sitting. If you have a good size backyard, this is a great way to earn extra cash. It’s also a great way to see if having a pet suits you and it teaches children responsibility.
7.) De-cluttering and selling what you no longer need. This is a start and not an on going thing to earn money, but will help you.
8.) Ironing.
9.) Mending.
10.) Freelance writing for magazines. Many offer money for articles from readers, and who knows, if your good, you might be made a regular.
11.) School holiday programme. Offer childcare and activities at your house for the duration of the holidays. Check how much they cost in your area, price yourself competitively and earn some money.

Out of the house but still doable with children in tow
1.) Dog walking. This can be done once a day, with your kids too. It’s great as they will learn more about animals and it keeps you all healthy.
2.) Delivering catalogues. This pays so little when you factor in the time involved, but again it is something you can do with kids. You have to pick the catalogues up, fold them, deliver them and call to say you’ve done it. It is not big bucks, but considering it is extra income and flexible, it is still an idea.
3.) Buy to sell. Visiting op shops, flea markets etc... is fun and doable with the children. Have a budget, know what it is that sells and only purchase if you are sure you can sell it on elsewhere for more. Many people make money doing this, although other people feel it is wrong. I see nothing wrong with it.
4.) Walk kids to and from school. If you are already taking yours, why not offer to do a school bus, but everyone walking. Considering a bus costs about $2 each way now, you could earn a little doing something you were doing already.

Out of the house and probably best without children
1.) Cleaning houses. Contact your local real estates and see if they would like someone to clean homes after tenants have moved out or before new tenants move in. Or advertise on a community noticeboard and do homes.
2.) Lawns and gardens. Grass always grows, as do weeds and gardens need tending, but few people have the time as such more and more people are finding others to do this sort of thing for them.
3.) Selling at markets. If you keep reading, there are lots of ideas as to what you can make to sell, especially if you are good at crafts. Since most markets are only once a week, if you have children, it is easier to get someone once a week rather than a few times a week.
4.) Party plan. You have to clear a kit first and be comfortable going into peoples homes and really selling. It can be quite daunting for some people, but you can make money out of it. There are so many now too. There’s skincare, jewellery, kitchen stuff, home wares, toys, books, basically anything you can buy is available in party plan form.

If you can sew/are good at crafts...
The list is virtually endless. You can sell either at markets, on auction sites, start your own website, or sell from home through word of mouth. Here’s some ideas, but there are plenty more...
Modern cloth nappies, liners and covers
Bibs, blankets and wraps
Baby sleeping bags
Rice/wheat heat packs
Aprons, oven mitts, table runners, place mats, coasters,
Christmas stuff like stockings, felt Santa’s, Christmas fairies or elves, Santa sacks/toy bags
Quillows (those rugs that roll into pocket pillows)
Hand bags
Gardening gloves, gardening apron
Eco shopping bags
Fairy stuff
Wedding veils, ring cushions etc…
Cushion covers
Patchwork journals
Games like hopscotch, snakes and ladders etc…
Pencil cases, library bags, art smocks
Personalise things with an embroidery machine
Dream catchers
Knit scarves etc…
Beading stuff like memory wire serviette holders, jewelery, hair clips
Wind chimes

If you can cook...
You could make many things to sell at the markets, such as cakes biscuits, slices and preserves.
Jams, chutney’s, sauces etc... all sell well.
Maybe start a meals on wheels type thing in your area.

Didn’t find anything on my list that was for you? Then why not really look at your skills and use them. What are you good at, enjoy doing or could easily do a quick course for?
Photography = family portraits, glamour shots, weddings etc...
Make-up = weddings, formals, special occasions
Maths, English, music = tutoring
Typing = Type up resumes or assignments for uni students. Make it clear though you are not responsible for the content. You are only typing.
Editing – Again, you could do this for uni students
Personal trainer – do the course and you could do it from home, go to peoples houses or meet at parks, ovals etc... You could do groups sessions at someone’s house if they have a pool and offer a group discount. One of my friends used to have someone come. A trainer was usually $60+ an hour, but gave a group discount of $10 each for 5 people. That meant a $10 saving for everyone, but the trainer got $250 for 1 hours work, instead of the usual $60. Much better use of time. Plus if you are able to do it at parks etc... you do not need to outlay money for equipment.
Massage – You can do shorter courses to do basic remedial type massage. This can be done at home if you have a spare room.

Remember, before doing any of these ideas check with your local council and any relevant Government authorities, as you may need an ABN, insurance etc... Check everything and research it all properly.

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