Friday, September 25, 2009

A little update

I went to the Baby and Kids market last weekend, near when it was closing and had a look around for bargains I could sell on. I had a budget and a limit on what I would pay for things. To some, this is dodgy, but to me, it is good business sense. I looked out for things that I have either sold before or I know will sell.

I ended up only spending $25. The items I bought I will be able to sell on for $85. So provided they sell, I will have made $60 on my $25 investment.

I do this a bit, but I know which items are worth buying. I know which ones I will be able to make a profit on. It has taken a little bit of research and trial and error to find my little niche, but now that I have, it is great.

I deal mostly in books. I also occasionally will get good maternity items, but they have to be under a certain price and I will only purchase certain brands. Occasionally I will come across other good brand things, but I have found certain books sell over and over again, yet are so easy for me to find cheaply.

Also this week I sold items on eBay, plus did a few haircuts. So between that and what I already, after fee’s and last weekends’ spending, I have $200. Nowhere near my weekly amount, but I am getting there!

Slow and steady wins the race? Well, I will need to pick up speed if I am going to achieve my goal!


  1. Congratulations on your decision and I'm following your posts. I think it's a great idea, and also to help other sahm's try and pick up some money saving and money making tips is great too.

  2. Thanks heaps.
    I really want it to be able to help and show other SAHM's it's possible to earn money, and as I try different things, I'll share what I learn, so hopefully it will be easier for others.


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