Friday, September 18, 2009

Earning money from home, what I am starting with

I have worked out a list of things I am doing to earn money, without going and getting a job, as with my husbands’ shifts, I can’t do it. So anything I am considering needs to be flexible.

1.) I am a qualified hairdresser and beautician, so I am going to put the word out that I am doing it again and will be able to do clients when it suits me. I have a lot of people waiting for me to do this, I have just been undecided.
2.) I help my sister in law with her business very occasionally and can usually get my kids looked after if I need to for this, as it is so rare.
3.) Online surveys. I will post the links later, there are only a few I trust and use. Some pay cash, some vouchers. It is not big money, but it is something I can do whenever.
4.) Sell on eBay. I have been doing this a bit lately and it has been going quite well. The fees are rather high though, but as long as I make something off the things I sell, it’s all good.
5.) I sell books on a website. I can usually buy them for $1 and sell for $15 - $20, which is a nice profit.
6.) I do a little bit of party plan. Not a huge amount as my husband doesn’t like it, but I do some here and there.
7.) I am in the process of writing a book, which will be published in November. I will write more about it once it has been published.
8.) I am going to be selling things at markets in November and December and if it goes well consider doing it in the new year too.
9.) I do the odd mystery shop. The pay is not fantastic, but I do ones for places I shop at anyway, so it’s like being paid to do my normal things.
10.) Make and sell cloth nappies. I do not have an overlocker, so this is a bit time consuming and I just do it for friends and family right now.
I am looking into more ways to earn money from home. I have quite a few ideas and will post them later.

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  1. Where do you sell your books? I have a ton I don't need and Ebay doesn't seem to be working.


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