Saturday, August 1, 2009

Things I am doing

Here I will update you on what I am doing, where I will be and what is working for me.

$40,000 in 6 months - In order to finish our house, pay off some debt and go on the 2 family holidays (one for sick grandparents, the other for a family wedding) we need $40,000. You can view all the posts on this challenge here.
$100 Christmas Challenge - A challenge not to spend more than $100 on Christmas presents. You can view all the posts here.
Aussie Bloggers Conference - I went in March 2011
Publishing contract. I have written a book which is going to be published through John Wiley Australia and is due out later this year.
50 Challenges I have set myself
My Bucket List
New Financial Year goals 2010/11
Update on what I am doing
Why employment is not for me (Although I am looking at employment at the moment, maybe...)
7 Reasons I won’t be watching TV anymore
Money club
My 7 money rules

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