Saturday, August 1, 2009

Book Reviews

I will be reading more books this year and as such will be posting my reviews on them. I read mainly finance and personal development books. I will be re-reading books I have spoken about on here to give a thorough, up to date opinion and review.
So stay tuned and I will add them as I read them.

Planning With Kids Nicole Avery

Earn More Stress Less Fergus O'Connell

The One Minute Millionaire Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G Allen

The Duggars - 20 and counting Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

PUMPED - 101 ways to beat petrol prices Roz Hopkins


  1. Are you getting closer to being a millionaire ?
    Just thought I would pop in for a visit. Where is the cookbook you have published I would love to take a look?
    Sherrie from Simpleliving :)

  2. Hi Sherrie. Things are going really well. I have a new publishing contract with a large publisher for a different book, as well as a few other projects about to come to fruition in the next few months so it is a very exciting time for me at the moment.

    The cookbook I did was called 26 Ingredients and can be found at or under the my book tab on the right here.

    Thanks so much. I still pop in on your blog. :)


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