Saturday, June 16, 2018

4 Business Website Costs To Consider When You Start Up Your Business

One of the most arguably difficult things to do for a new business is to design a website that
will make sense for your company. It’s an important project, one that shouldn’t be put to one
side or done as an afterthought – especially not in the digital and social media driven world
that we live in today. While we would all love to be able to choose all the things that we
could ever want for a business website, usually budget constraints stop us from doing so.
The reality is that most companies don’t consider the budget for their business website as a
separate entity to the rest of their IT or marketing budget. They should.
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Getting the right finance for a business is hard enough, but if you haven’t thought about how
you would delegate your budgets you need to go back to square one. Most people who start
a business find it difficult to secure finance, especially when many programmes for
VA small business loans have been closed down over the years. It doesn’t help your budget
when it’s hard to find the right information that you need on the financial side of starting a
business website. You have to think about whether you start up using a free platform such as
WordPress, or you pay an agency to host your website for you. There are costs to consider
with your website development and the budget should have these costs down:
Domain Name. You can’t just announce to the world a name for your website, but what you
can do is register a domain name first. To register, you’ll need to buy your chosen domain
name from any number of websites like these that specialise in them. You’ll have to think
about your domain name when you set up your company, because there’s no use in setting
up a business with a specific name when you can’t use that name online.
Website Hosting. Your domain is what you call your site, but your hosting is where your
site will live. Think of it like renting office space; you have to rent yourself a little space online
so that you can be found by potential customers. You can do this with a website hosting
company or you can compare your options depending on whether you need e-commerce or not.
SSL. Security is so important for your business website, especially if you hope to data capture.
When your customers input their information on your website, they need to know that the
information is secure, and an SSL can do this. The costs can range, so do your research first
before settling on one particular SSL.

Building The Site. Your actual website will require some complex work to ensure that it is
running properly and it’s going to depend on what you need for your site when it comes to
budgetary planning. Factor in the time spent building the site, too, as you likely will need
to outsource this.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Taking Control Of Your Finances Can Be Liberating

From the title you may be thinking I am mad, but actually, taking control of something
that can control you for so long, such as your financial situation, is very liberating.
Some of us can find that from time to time we feel out of control when it comes to
our finances. Perhaps debts have taken over or we feel we just don't have that
much spare after all the bills are paid. It is time to take that control back and stop
sticking your head in the sand. I wanted to share with you some of the ways you
can do it.

Take control of any debts

One of the first areas to control would be your debts. If you have various debts for
different places then the best advice would be to consolidate the debts and get one
loan repayment. This can help you have a plan to pay the debt off, and also help you
to reduce the overall cost. Freeing up some extra disposable income in the process.
If a loan isn’t an option, then make sure you focus on the debt that has the highest
interest rate and pay that one off sooner. In the long run it will help to reduce your debts.

Start making savings where you can

There will always be ways to save money on your current outgoings, you just need to
know where to look in order to make the savings. One of the first things to consider would
be your food outgoing. This can be an expensive outlay but one completely in your control.
Meal planning and ensuring you only buy what you need is a great way to start reducing
this cost. You could also consider things like changing providers for things like energy
or insurance policies. Often the better deals are saved for a new customer.

Are you paying for things you no longer need

Would you believe that you may be paying out for things you don’t need. Checking your
bank statement can often highlight payments out that you may have thought had been
cancelled such as a gym membership or magazine subscription. This gives you the
chance to cancel rogue payments for good.

Start saving little and often

There could be savings you can make along the way when it comes to your outgoings, and
the more you save the more you will have at your disposal. Saving little and often is the
key so that you hardly notice it. It could be the cost of that take out coffee you get or
a takeout food meal each month.

Think of ways to earn a little extra

Finally, think of ways you could earn a little extra along the way. It might be filling out
online surveys or performing mystery shops. These are things that you can do in your
spare time and can all help towards increasing the money you have to free yourself
from financial burden.

I hope that these tips help you take more control of your finances.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

How Owning a Smartphone Could Transform Your Financial Situation

Owning and paying monthly for a smartphone is something that virtually everyone
does. The only exception is if you own a smartphone already and use a
pay-as-you-go plan instead of a monthly one, but it’s essentially the same thing.

What many people don’t realize is that owning a smartphone has many financial
implications that could help you become more aware of your spending and also
help you budget.

But how?

It’s a combination of many different ideas and factors that will ultimately help your
financial situation, so in this article, we’re going to highlight them and make them
obvious so you understand it clearly.

Source: Pexels

It trains you to look for better deals

Thanks to sites like, it’s actually very simple to look for great
deals with your mobile phone plan. What this teaches you is that there are always
cheaper options out there, no matter if you’re paying for a mortgage in the future or
if you just want a cheaper place to buy your groceries. It sounds rather silly, but it’s
more prominent than you could imagine once you’re consciously aware of how easy
it is to find better deals in life.

It helps you budget for your expenses

A static monthly expense is a great way to learn how to budget. It’s simple to add to
a budgeting app (something that your smartphone supports!) and you’ll consciously
remember to save some money to pay for your phone everytime you receive your
paycheck. It sounds small, but having recurring expenses is a good way to learn to

Source: Pexels

You’ll learn to focus on important features

Most people think they don’t need a smartphone for several reasons. Some people
believe that they’re better off with a basic phone, but others wouldn’t be able to live
without having proper internet access in the palm of their hands. What this teaches
us is to look at the base features of something like a phone and only care about what
we’ll actually use. This transfers to our budgeting as well. When you next think about
your grocery shopping or monthly entertainment budget, you’ll learn to pay for only
what you use or need and you’ll cut out unnecessary expenses.

You’ll learn to rely on cheaper brands

As shown in this article at, the smartphone world is currently booming
with the help of cheaper Chinese manufacturers. What this tells us is that brand
name alone usually isn’t worth the price. Why buy an Apple or Samsung phone
when you can get 80% of the performance for under 50% of the price? It teaches us
how to rely on cheaper brands and look for better deals in life instead of focusing
only on what people perceive as the best.

Hopefully, this article has taught you just how important it is to own a smartphone,
especially if you’re an employee or plan to start a business. It’s a great way to help
yourself financially and you’ll be surprised at just how much it can help once you
change the mentality around your smartphone.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

How Does a 401k Plan Work

For many Americans, their 401k is simply another expense taken out of their paycheck. They may vaguely know that it involves saving for retirement, but not many people take full advantage of their 401k’s,or know just how much having one can save them in the long run. The time to start thinking about retirement is “as soon as possible”, and a 401k can help make that saving easier and more lucrative than proverbially stuffing bills under the mattress, especially as more and more Americans are finding themselves dangerously underprepared for retirement.

So what exactly is a 401k? Put simply, it’s a retirement savings account provided by your employer. 401k plans function similarly to pensions accounts, though pension accounts are now primarily used for government workers, as the costs to employers became too high for many in the private sector. The money diverted to your 401k is tax-free until it comes time to withdraw, ensuring more ability to save, and there are certain tax breaks and incentives available when investing in a 401k.

How does a 401k plan work?You control how the money in your 401k is invested. Many employers work with investment firms who offer an array of stocks, bonds and trusts that you can invest your money in to ensure the highest yields when it comes time to withdraw, and can assist you with any questions you have about the performance of your 401k and smart investments to make. Your employer may also offer a match to your investment, which could be dollar for dollar or a percentage of your annual salary, up to a certain limit, which varies according to companies.

There are some limits to using a 401k. Many employers have a time limit for how long you have to work for the company before you have access to your 401k savings, and there can be steep penalties for trying to withdraw money before the standard retirement age. These restrictions are put in place to incentivize people to stay with the company longer, and continue to grow their retirement plans. There is also a limit to how much you can put in per year. Typically, $18,000 annually is the maximum contribution amount, and it increases to $24,000 after the age of 50. Since 401k’s can be used for tax breaks, this helps ensure that people do not take too much advantage from these tax incentives.

If you switch employers, the 401k you have set up with your former company will remain safe, and you have several option about how to handle it. You can have your funds rolled over to an account with your new employer, if applicable. You can leave your funds with your previous employer, and access those funds when you’re ready to retire. While you won’t be able to make any changes to your plan, the money will be safe and waiting for you. You als have the option to cash out your 401k, but you will have to deal with any fees and fines that comes with cashing out before retirement age.

With all this information, your next question may be “How much exactly should I put into my 401k?” That is completely dependent on your current financial situation. At minimum, contribute the max amount that will allow your employer to match your 401k. From there, consider your regular expenses and debts. Try to pay off any high interest debts before divesting those funds to your 401k, as it will save you more money in the long run.

While retirement may seem like a lifetime away, the steps you take today to ensure you have the most money available will help make sure your golden years are restful. Opening a 401k account today is the first step to a peaceful retirement.