Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Career Opportunities For MMLIS Graduates

If you’re thinking about career options, or you’re considering which course to take, have
you come across the MMLIS? A Master’s of Management in Library and Information
Science could open up a host of doors.

As the infographic below shows, there’s a raft of opportunities on offer for those who have
an MMLIS across several sectors. If you dream of getting a job related to civics and
government, you could work as a curator, or as a digital preservation librarian, a role,
which is increasingly desirable among employers in an age of digitalization. For those
with business brains, potential positions include library administrator, data analyst,
researcher and technology coordinator. Administrators can earn up to $99,000 per year,
while the growth curve (12%) for technology coordinators makes this a very attractive

For those who have an interest in culture or the arts, there are various openings, some
of which sound fascinating. Can you imagine yourself as a wine librarian, for example,
or would you be at home working as a librarian in a museum? Job opportunities in this
field are becoming more widely available and diverse, and you can even use your
degree to secure a role in science and research using your skills to be a law or medical
librarian. Job growth in these roles is increasing far beyond average rates (up to 13%

The options for graduates with an MMLIS are endless. If you’re interested in a new
career path, or you’re exploring courses, why not take a closer look at this insightful

Infographic Created By USC

What's Your Home's Real World Value?

For the average Joe, the best way to make money is not by investing in stocks or

bonds, but instead investing in himself. Well, his home to be quite exact. And it's
really a smart move because properties are large purchases and they almost
always rise in value year-on-year. So why wouldn’t you want to invest in your
own property so that one day in the future, when you decide to sell, you end up
making far more than what you paid? It seems like the natural thing to do. However,
the reasons why most people don’t invest in their homes are quite understandable
too. For one, it's difficult to know what would really add value to the home. Two,
it's difficult to know what kind of modern trends are going to attract a wealthy buyer.
Three, it's going to cost a lot, to begin with. You can of course answer all of these
questions and come out on top, but it's going to be a long journey. Here’s how to
add real-world value to your home.

Get involved locally
Sometimes the most obvious ways your property will gain in value is right underneath your nose. It's not always the home itself but rather the neighborhood. Local schools, shops, entertainment and restaurant all add to the value of your home. This is why it's so important to get involved with all the local issues. Perhaps there’s a new school that’s going to be built in the zone in which you live. It's in your best interest to go to town hall meetings, write to your local authority and ask for
the school to be in your neighborhood. It's all well and good to have gold bath taps and amazing ceramic bath tiles. But what the mass market wants is properties which appeal to families. Families want to put their children into good schools that aren’t too far away from their homes. The morning school run won’t become a chore and it would give parents peace of mind to know the school is a stone’s throw away from their front door.

Modern interior design

Don’t focus too much on decor and interior styles are only valid to a home’s possessions, not the shape and size of the home. Thus, you might need to reconfigure the design of your home and call in a professional construction team like Hansen Living that knows how to modernize homes from the inside and outside. Take a look at their case studies and see how their designs have transformed previously unused spaces to somewhere you would want to hang out and relax. They build custom homes from scratch and combine style with structural knowledge. Their 3-step process is simple. Firstly they’ll consult with you to know what kind of budget you have and the kind of value increase range you’re looking for. They’ll go off and work on potential designs before having another meeting with you to decide and finalize. Then the construction will begin whereby they source the materials, use their own professional teams and utilize the most modern equipment. The final stage will be to update the interior to whatever style you would like.

Build a practical exterior 

It cannot be underestimated how practical elements of the exterior will increase
real-world value. Homes that are without garages are inherently going to be worth
less. Homes that don’t have a strong modern fence will also be deemed less expensive.
Homes that don’t provide a private driveway will also be marked down as a lesser
valued property. Building practical elements such as a garage, driveway, boundary
fence and lit pathway would appeal to every type of buyer. You would please the
average Joe and the wealthy client at the same time. These practical elements
are indeed expensive, but if you keep costs in check and educate yourself on
modern materials and construction standards, you can choose the best building
company for the projects. 

Peace of mind

Even if you live in a great neighborhood, installing a top-notch security system
will automatically increase the real-world value of your property. Install security
cameras and LED lights around the property and sign up for a monthly
subscription with a trusted home security company who will watch over your
home 24/7.

Many people put subjective values onto properties. The way the property looks
in terms of paint scheme, choice of plants and even how clean the property is,
doesn’t add real-world value. Things that appeal to everyone are real-world
value additions. A garage, spacious modern design and great local amenities
will be ticks in everyone’s book.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

How To Make The Property Market Work Wonders For Your Financial Future

Becoming a homeowner is a financial goal shared by millions, and it has the
potential to transform your financial status as well as your daily life. However,
you’ll only reap those rewards when you make a conscious effort to find and
embrace the best opportunities on the market. 

If you’re currently working towards that first step onto the market, these tips
should serve you well.

Seek Opportunities For Quick Financial Growth  

When looking at potential first homes, a big part of you will want to move straight
into a property that is in perfect condition. In reality, though, it’s very likely that you’d
want to make a number of changes once you move in. Why not take advantage of
this by buying a property that needs a little work? A fixer-upper will cost far less
than a similar property that doesn’t need work, even after you take the costs of
home improvements into account. 

Once the transformation is complete, it’ll be worth the same as the other properties
you’ve looked at. On a separate note, conducting research into upcoming
neighborhoods can be useful too. 

Look For Expert Advice 

As a first-time buyer, or even if you are looking at a second or third home, a lack
of experience can shine through. Therefore, it’s best to speak to professional
advisors that can ensure that your money works harder. Mortgage brokers at
Blutin Finance can help you gain the best deals on the market to turn your
homeowner dreams into a reality. Meanwhile, they can also guide you towards
government schemes that may aid your down payment. 

In addition to making your money work harder, the experts can help you save
time and your sanity. After all, the knowledge that you’ve made the right choice
can work wonders. 

Make Financially Rewarding Upgrades 

You should never lose sight of the fact that your property should be a home first.
Therefore, it’s important to ensure that it is designed to meet your requirements.
Nonetheless, it makes sense to prioritize jobs that will bring the best ROIs. Experts
at Cheat Sheet have provide clear advice on this topic. Even when you’re not
planning to sell, thinking about the upgrades that will reduce energy bills and save
money in other ways will pay dividends.  

Financially rewarding upgrades ensure that your best financial asset is used to its
full potential. This will support your financial future with significant results. 

Consider Outside Opportunities  

While buying your home is the priority, the real estate market can aid your finances
through other strategies. Investing in rental properties is one of the most common
solutions, although flipping properties can work too. If you do not have the capital
or experience to go it alone, joining real estate investment trusts may carry greater
appeal. This gives you a chance to diversify the portfolio for reduced risks while
also allowing you to leverage success from a pool of knowledge. 

External property investments are used to create a side source of income on top
of your career and home assets. When done well, your finances will look better
than ever.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

How To Take Your Bank Balance To The Next Level

Like most people on earth, you are possibly driven to make as much money as
possible, right? While some may presume this announces greed, it really doesn’t;
it simply means you want to live a comfortable life.

The trouble we all run into is how do we make enough extra money to make a
difference. Well, if we have a little cash to invest, property can be one of the
best things we can look to invest in that can really turn things around for us.

Image Credit - Pexels CC0 Licence

Why Property?

When it comes to investment, property provides the most security for your finances
and also the most in the way of opportunity.

In this post, it is our aim to highlight a few ways that you can invest in property for
maximum return on your investment. While investing in property is never going to
be the easiest way for you to invest your money, it will surely be the safest, and
should you do things right, your bank balance will be happier than it’s ever been

Buy To Rent

For those out there looking for a little financial freedom, one of the best ways to go
about this is with a buy to let portfolio. 

Investing in properties that you plan to rent can provide you with a steady income for
life, and if you have a mortgage on some of the properties, By the time the mortgage
period is over, you may be in a prime position to consider retirement and the properties
can still generate you a handsome income.

The only thing you need to consider is the market performance at the time of purchase
and be sure that the properties rent will cover not only the mortgage but also give you
a little back too.

There are companies like the one at this website, that will be able to guide you through market trends and ensure that you only ever make sound investments.

Rent To Rent

Something that has become more popular with investors over the past decade is rent
to rent. If you are unfamiliar with the process, you simply rent a property over a long
period, generally 8-10 years.

You then agree with the landlord that you will change the property into a house of
multiple occupations, such as a student house. By doing this, the landlord makes his
rent, and you multiply your income exponentially by charging rent to all tenants. 

This rent to rent is called R2R HMO or rent to rent a house of multiple occupations.
As far as investments go, this can be one of the safest and cheapest, but they can
also be difficult to find as landlords may not be keen on your altering their premises. 


While this may only be a few ways you can invest in property, there are, in fact, a lot more.
This post is only here to serve as an inspiration to help you on your way to increase your
bank balance by investing in property.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

5 Ways To Make Money From Property

It’s never too late to start making money through the clever use of property. There are many ways to make money through property and they appeal to a wide variety of potential investors with various amounts of capital to invest, so if you’re thinking that property could be your route to earning your first million then here are 5 different things that you could try. 

  1. Buy-to-let
    Buying to let is one of the most common ways for people to invest in property and involves buying a house or flat with the sole purpose of letting it out. If you are buying the property with a mortgage then the rent can help you to pay off the mortgage more quickly, eventually making you a profit, of if paying with cash the rent will immediately be cash in your bank and you can sleep soundly knowing that you have a property that you can also sell should the market change in your favor. Although buying to let is a very attractive prospect to many home-owners it’s important to recognize that becoming a landlord comes with its own set of responsibilities.
  2. Renovate to rent or sell
    Another common way to enter the property investment market is through property renovations. Property renovations usually require a good understanding of renovation costs to ensure that you profit from the work you put into each house. With property renovation sometimes very simple changes such as a re-wire, new plumbing or a general face-lift can add tens of thousands onto the property value making it an easy way to make a profit. As with all property investments, property renovation isn’t without its risk and buyers should be aware that should the market change or their renovations cost more than expected then they can still make a loss.
  3. Build to rent or sell
    With land, planning position, a little time and some building know-how, building property can be a very profitable way to make money. Whether you build the property to sell or to rent out, be sure to use experienced home builders who can ensure the timely delivery of your project and assist you with the technical aspects of home building which can become costly if done incorrectly.
  4. Become a venture capital investor
    Developers often come to venture capital investors to help them fund their development projects in place of taking out a loan from a bank. If you have a more significant amount of money to invest then becoming a venture capital investor enables you to invest in high yield projects with relatively little effort, though it does come with a slightly higher than average risk.

  5. Buy and sell repossessed property A slightly lesser-known area of the property market that people can invest in is that of repossessed property. Property is often repossessed if the owner fails to make the necessary repayments on their mortgage, it is then owned by the bank and is often put back up for sale. When buying property from the bank you can often acquire it for less than the market rate, making it easy to quickly turn the property around and make a profit.