Tuesday, March 24, 2020

3 Top Tips To Declutter Your Work Environment And Increase Productivity (And Income)

Whether you work from home or a cushy corporate office, the surrounding environment directly affects your ability to concentrate and your level of productivity. Clutter, in this case, is your worst enemy. It catches your eyes, distracts you, and draw the attention of your brain away from the well-paid project you were working on. It also takes over the open spaces your mind might need to come up with the next million-dollar idea. Clutter is not only the ten post-it notes spread on your kitchen table, but it also regards your laptop, desk, and home office.

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Organize it
Studies conducted by the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute show how a messy space requires our brain to spend more energy to cut out surrounding distractions and allow more in-depth focus. In turn, this means that you might take twice as long to complete today’s tasks. And, of course, time is money!

To organize your office, start by making a list of the items you use daily. Anything that you keep “just in case” needs to find another home. Aside from cleaning up your desk, you need to aim at creating a space for creativity. Rearrange and keep inspirational personal items and digitalize anything you can. Next time, you won’t need to waste time searching for elusive post-it notes or favorite pens.

Store it away
You have just found the home of your dreams, but there is not enough space to make it feel organized? Store away the extra stuff! Throwing away your kids’ old toys or the ten photo albums of your first family holiday is nobody’s idea of cleaning. However, how many times were you tempted to walk down the memory lane for an extra five minutes?

Renting a storage space could be an easy yet brilliant solution. Yes, it might seem an unnecessary investment at first, especially if you are trying to save money. Yet, working in a cleaner, less distracting, and more spacious home office will pay you back in productivity in no time.

Sell it off

Decluttering can be a synonym to actively making money! Donating to charity shops and thrift stores is an excellent way to do something great while cleaning up. However, if you are short on cash, there are a few items that are still worth something on the market, such as:

Replaced electronics - if you have just received a new company laptop or phone, it is a great time to sell away your old ones and make some extra cash.

Old furniture - looking for a new ergonomic chair and standing desk? You can quickly pay them off by selling your old work station’s furniture.

Art and miscellaneous - there might not be a massive market for medium-quality landscape paintings, but you can still get a quote from a nearby vintage shop.

Bottom Line

Decluttering your office or home working station can be a time investment. You might need to schedule regular cleaning time and keep up with the new arrangements. However, the decluttering process itself gives you time to organize your thoughts and can make you feel more motivated and productive!

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