Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Vital Skills Any Worthwhile Career Asks Of You

If job recruitment listings were accurate, they would be pages and pages long, perhaps the length of a short novel. This is because yes, an employer does require certain qualifications and experience for some roles, but they also expect much more than that. For instance, they expect you to care for your job while you’re there, and protect the brand as if you had a hand in making it to begin with. They expect you to be relatively socially sound amongst your colleagues and to cause little in the way of drama or conflict. They also require you to reply to their correspondence and remain an attentive part of the team.

Yet these requirements are so obvious that it’s rare they are stated. Instead, they trust their teams to understand the sacred tenets of professionalism. But as far as you are concerned, it can sometimes be worth considering developing better professional skills as a macro requirement to ensure you can continually contend with these hidden requirements, no matter where you work, or what you hope to achieve. With some of the following advice, we hope to help you do just that. Please, consider:

Personal Health Management

For the most part, our employers expect us to manage our own personal health. This means being able to take care of our stress levels through careful management, as focusing on your work to a fault can sometimes cause more harm than good. Additionally, engaging with HR, getting enough sleep each night, staying hydrated, and coming to work active, alert and ready each morning is essential. Thankfully, while it may not seem so on the surface, orienting your health around a job can be worthwhile, because it helps you plan your free time, your sleep schedule, and your capacity to work accordingly.
Timekeeping Strategies

Timekeeping is an essential part of good productivity management. Sticking to meetings on time, being able to comprise your workload each day in an organized fashion, and being realistic about your approach can help you in more ways than one. It may also help you prevent making promises that you know you cannot deliver on, helping you underpromise and overdeliver in all respects.

Give Respect To Get Respect

If you hope to get respect, it’s important to show it. This means truly listening to your employers and colleagues, providing solutions to problems that may be causing the team to drag, or praising the work of a colleague where work is due. Does this mean you need to overly-accommodate your way to the top? Of course not, but it can be worthwhile to show yourself as a team player able to respect the sovereignty of your colleagues as you yourself apply your best efforts going forward. This way, you are sure to build a long line of colleagues that are more than happy to work with you in any context.

With this advice, you’re sure to approximate the worthwhile and most vital skills any career may ask of you.

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