Monday, February 17, 2020

How Could Getting A Mentor Boost Your Career?

Have you ever thought about getting a mentor? At certain points in your career, you find yourself stuck in a bit of a rut, with no idea how to reach the next opportunity or develop what you're doing. It may be that you're just starting out in your field, returning to work after maternity leave, wanting to master your work-life balance, trying to change lanes into a new industry or simply wanting to accelerate your career progress and gain a promotion. Or you may even have aspirations to start your own business. In any of these situations, if you want to find a mentor, you'll have so much to gain. From a wealth of experience in handling tricky situations to insider industry knowledge, technical expertise or even just a really great contacts book, there's so much you can stand to gain by opening up and teaching out.

Understand Your Weakness 

We all have areas of our professional lives that we excel at, and others where our
skills are weaker. So the whole process should start with an honest assessment of
what you need to develop within yourself. It could be a technical skill, or perhaps
something softer like time management or dealing with conflict. Be honest with
yourself and try going back through any yearly appraisals in your current role or
asking for feedback from peers or bosses. Once you know what you need to work
on, you can aim to find a mentor who will complement you but with their own skills
in this area. Having a mentor allows for a freer, less judgemental discussion about
your shortcomings and how you can work on them. 

Consider More Training 

Gaining better qualifications is an investment in yourself that will make you much
more valuable to potential employers or help you to switch fields. And there are
so many options these days to add to your knowledge. You may consider an
online mba top to add to existing degree qualifications or you may simply want
to study modules on a platform like LinkedIn Learning. Learning can be done
online and fit around your existing commitments. 

Get Networking 

One of the best parts of gaining a mentor is the contacts they can potentially
introduce you to. Take full advantage of any introductions they may be able to
make, or ask for their tips and find local networking events to try them out.
Meeting more people in the industry will make it far likelier that you'll hear about
great job opportunities, and will help you become known in your field. 

Become A Specialist 

If you want to become associated with excellence, a mentor could help you to find
opportunities to speak at industry events or advise you on authoring opinion pieces
for industry blogs and magazines, as well as what virtual groups it might be
beneficial for you to join. You can discuss industry trends and news with them
and become more aware of emerging factors which will affect the landscape you
work in. All of this knowledge makes you far more valuable and will help you to
identify development opportunities that may be coming up. 

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