Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Have Your Mastered The Work/Life Balance?

Finding that work/life balance is so important, but you wouldn’t believe the
number of people who fail to achieve it. Some people spend their whole lives
being overworked to try and get some more money, and then realize when it’s
too late that they haven’t been able to live their life with all of the money they
were getting because they were working too much. Some people go the opposite
way and put hardly any effort into their career and end up wishing they had
more money to play with. But on the other hand, they have had the freedom
to be relaxed through life. The point we’re trying to make is that finding this
balance is hard, and so many people have a complete work burnout because
of how hard it can be to manage the stress. Whether you’re getting too much
work, or stressed that you’re getting too little, we think that there are some
solutions out there for you. Once you master the work/life balance you master
your own potential. You have that perfect harmony in life, making life far
more enjoyable to go through. So, we’re going to show you how we think
you can reach that work/life balance! Keep on reading to find out more.

Do You Enjoy Your Work Life?

If you don’t enjoy your work-life, then it’s not a surprise that you’re struggling to
not find a balance. Because your work life is such a big part of your life. You spend
the majority of the day whilst you’re awake there, and whilst you’re there the hours
and days are passing you by until you can finally get to the weekend. Wishing the
days away is such a bad habit to have, but it’s one we all seemed to have picked
up over time. Unless you’re someone who is so into their job and everything that
surrounds it, you’re going to have such a hard time adjusting to the fact that you
have to be there for most of the hours of your life. Or at least it feels that way. So
for you to not find your work-life enjoyable, you’ve probably got into a rut of
thinking the worst about it. You’re never going to have a good day if you jump
out of bed in the morning already wishing for the nighttime to come around. You
need to be able to go into the working day with passion and a buzz about you, and
we promise that it will be so much easier. You can also try living a better lifestyle
outside of work. It's going to be pretty much impossible to master any sort of
work/life balance if you're going into work like a zombie because you didn't get
the right amount of hours sleep the night before. A simple and easy trick that
makes sure you've got the energy to get through the working day. 

How Do You Manage Relationships?

Relationships inside of, and outside of work are going to have a big impact on
how you manage that balance. Firstly, being able to make friends with people you
work with is so important. How are you ever going to be able to get through the
working day if you're not enjoying the people that you work with. The best thing is
that these people generally only stay friends within the office, so you don't have to
worry about constant social events outside of work. If you feel like you're not
getting on with the people in your office at the minute, simply try talking to them
a little bit more. It might be that you just haven't put in the effort to get to know
them or talk to them. You also need to think about your relationships outside of
work. They're going to be your safe haven away from the working day that's tiring
you out so much. There's nothing better than being able to come home and rant to
your partner or to your friends about your day. It's the therapy that most people
need to be able to get through the day. But these relationships can take their toll
on your life if all you ever seem to be to talk about your work life or if you're there
all of the time. If you don't get the balance right one is always going to suffer, and
we'd always recommend that it isn't your personal life that's taking the beating!

How Much Are You Working?

So now to talk about being overworked a little bit more, because we know it's the
norm that people are now used just so they can live a life that they want to live.
But what is being ruined at the expense of you working all these hours? Your
whole personal life is going to take a beating. We think working shift patterns
rather than the average 9-5 causes the most damage. Working nights in particular
can have such a negative effect on your life. Some people opt for it because they
see themselves as a nightowl, or they know that the pay is far better. But do you
know what the effects of night shift work are? Your Body is working at a completely
different pattern than it should be. Our bodies work as the sun rises and the falls,
and not the other way round. It's so hard to sleep during the day for a normal
amount of time because the natural light outside that our bodies know is there
makes it hard to do so. We're regulated by the sun, and working nights means
you're going to miss all of that. If your partner is working days it's also going to
impact your relationship. So make sure that the amount of work you're doing is
enough to give you a good amount of money, but also so that you have enough of
your own personal time, as well as enough time to get the right amount of sleep
each night!

What Do You Do For Fun?

This is such an important question to ask yourself. If your idea of fun is the weekend,
and even then you spend most of the time rushing around trying to fill the fridge
or cleaning the house then perhaps your balance is going to come when you find
a hobby to focus your attention on. Having something to focus your mind on that
isn't something you stress about all of the time, is like a form of therapy. Thus
hobby doesn't have to be something super energetic, we know that it's the last thing
you might want to do. It could be coming home and painting, which we know so
many people find so therapeutic. You don't have to be a perfect artist to do this,
and you don't have to do anything art related anyway. You could try a sport, or go
for a nice long run.

Is It Time For A New Career?

So after reading all of this, do you feel like it's time for a new career? If you know
that no matter what you try you're always going to struggle because your work life
is taking over the rest of your life, then now is the time to think about moving jobs.
Your job really does define the rest of your life, so you'd be silly to miss out on the
chance to move to a job that gives you more freedom in life. 

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