Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Career Opportunities For MMLIS Graduates

If you’re thinking about career options, or you’re considering which course to take, have
you come across the MMLIS? A Master’s of Management in Library and Information
Science could open up a host of doors.

As the infographic below shows, there’s a raft of opportunities on offer for those who have
an MMLIS across several sectors. If you dream of getting a job related to civics and
government, you could work as a curator, or as a digital preservation librarian, a role,
which is increasingly desirable among employers in an age of digitalization. For those
with business brains, potential positions include library administrator, data analyst,
researcher and technology coordinator. Administrators can earn up to $99,000 per year,
while the growth curve (12%) for technology coordinators makes this a very attractive

For those who have an interest in culture or the arts, there are various openings, some
of which sound fascinating. Can you imagine yourself as a wine librarian, for example,
or would you be at home working as a librarian in a museum? Job opportunities in this
field are becoming more widely available and diverse, and you can even use your
degree to secure a role in science and research using your skills to be a law or medical
librarian. Job growth in these roles is increasing far beyond average rates (up to 13%

The options for graduates with an MMLIS are endless. If you’re interested in a new
career path, or you’re exploring courses, why not take a closer look at this insightful

Infographic Created By USC

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