Thursday, January 30, 2020

3 Benefits of Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments in Your Store

Cryptocurrency is still on the rise, but it’s still a long way from becoming
an universally-accepted payment method. Even PayPal with its massive
popularity still isn’t available for every digital payment, but that’s exactly
why adopting cryptocurrency at an early stage can have a huge positive
impact on your business. To convince you, we’ve put together three of the
biggest benefits of accepting cryptocurrency payments in your store.

1. It protects your customer’s information

Banks keep a lot of our data on their systems, so it’s no surprise that people
want to move away from those centralized systems. Of course, you’re still
going to need your customer’s name and address if you’re shipping products,
but the fewer companies involved that could have their data, the more peace
of mind they will have.

2. It’s another payment method

Offering more payment methods to your customers is never a bad idea.
Although it might take a bit more time to convert the cryptocurrency into
money or set up the right systems to accept it, it’s well worth the investment
to give your customers more payment options.

3. Instant global transactions

Cryptocurrency payment is a fantastic option since it allows for the instant
sending and receiving of money. This means no waiting around for your
business to accept payment.

Below, we’ve added an infographic that shows a couple of important lessons
learned from using digital currencies. This should help you understand a bit
more about digital currencies and why we highly recommend it as a payment
option for your business.

Infographic: Northeastern University's Online Masters in Finance Program

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