Wednesday, November 20, 2019

How Regular People Waste Money Every Day

Regular people are wasting so much money every day. The truth is, you don’t
need to spend money on many of the things you’re spending on, and over time,
this is really adding up. Below, we’re going to give you an idea of how regular
people just like you are wasting money. Take a look and see what you can cut
back on if you’d like to create a more favourable financial situation: 

The Coffee On The Way To Work
Buying a coffee on the way to work is almost a spiritual practice for some people,
but doing this every day, 5 days a week can really add up.
Takeaway coffee is expensive, and the best thing you can do is stop buying
takeaway drinks altogether. Instead, invest money in a coffee machine and
make it yourself at home. Over time, the savings will add up!

Buying Lunch Out 

Making your own lunch at home is not only healthier, but far more cost-effective.
Store bought lunch can be extortionate, and doing this even just a few times a
week can add up. 

Sticking To The Same Bill Suppliers 
Why would you stick to the same bill suppliers when there are so many out there
who can offer you a better deal? Start by looking at your car insurance and deciding
if you can get a better deal elsewhere. You can then look at your electricity supplier,
and so on. When it’s time to renew, looking at better deals will at least give you more
leverage to negotiate. Don’t waste money just because you can't be bothered to
check and switch!  

Going Out For Dinner/Ordering Food
Going out for dinner is a huge expense. Yes, it’s fine to enjoy it on ‘date night’.
However, you shouldn’t waste money on going out for dinner more than once a
week (and even that is pushing it). You could likely buy one whole weeks worth
of food for the price of a meal out. 

Credit Card/Debt Interest
If you’re not paying off your credit card or debt interest, that is going to add up
every day. While saving is important, paying off your debts first is more important
and will make the biggest difference to your stability. 

Impulse Buys 
Be more mindful when you’re shopping and looking around. Stores will tempt you
in all kinds of ways to buy things that you were not initially planning on buying. Be
mindful of their marketing tactics and avoid impulse buying. Know what is a want
and what is a need. Think about wants for a good few weeks before splashing out. 

Buying Brand Name Products 
Oftentimes, store brand products are just as good as the bigger brand names.
Switch just one thing per week and overtime you could save a huge amount on
your food shop and cosmetics/toiletries! 

Regular people are wasting money every day, and you probably are too. Heed
this advice and you can start putting more money away for the things that are
truly important. 

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