Saturday, February 2, 2019

Climbing Out Of A Financial Hole

The start of the year always feel like you’ve hit the hard reset button on your life.
Unfortunately after the festive season a lot of us are left with little in our pickets for
anything and this can make things incredibly hard for us when we are trying to
live our daily lives. If by the end of the month you are still feeling as if you are in
a bit of a financial pickle, here are some of the things you can do to pull yourself
out of it once more.

Know your bank account

Honestly this can’t be stressed enough: if you don’t check your bank account
regularly to see what you have and what money is being paid out, you need to
fix this now. It is hard enough keeping on top of our money when we are living
our day to day life but if you don’t check your bank statement, you won’t ever
learn to budget for yourself. To avoid having to take out a loan like you need to make sure that you always know what
you have to spend. Be smart about this and be sure that you are aware of your
financial state each day.

Watch out for charges

As you look through your bank statement, now and again you might see a charge
you don’t recognise or something which you don’t recall you have been paying for.
If this is ever the case you need to look up the company to see if you know them,
and if you don’t, you should contact your bank immediately to stop the payments
and get in contact with the company. A lot of the time it can be a mix up, but now
and again it can be a scam which takes money away from you without you knowing

Budget for food

Budgeting most of your life is hard enough, but food can be the hardest thing to
try and control, especially if you have a family to feed each and every day. Make
sure that you take the time this month to be smarter with your food shop and
choose cheap meals over expensive ones. There are loads of big batch meals
you can cook worthless ingredients which will last your family for a few days and
save you a lot of money.

Pay a debt

If you have a few debts which you need to pay off, it is now the perfect time for
you to do this. Pay off whichever is your biggest debt first and take your time to
do this. Once the biggest debt is out of the way you can start working your way
down and bring yourself back to financial stability once more.

Skip coffee

Starbucks and Costa coffee are amazing when we need a fix and it is cold
outside, but they are expensive and they can really burn a hole in your pocket if
you have them each day. Be sure that you make your own coffee at home for work
and this will make all the difference.

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