Saturday, June 16, 2018

4 Business Website Costs To Consider When You Start Up Your Business

One of the most arguably difficult things to do for a new business is to design a website that
will make sense for your company. It’s an important project, one that shouldn’t be put to one
side or done as an afterthought – especially not in the digital and social media driven world
that we live in today. While we would all love to be able to choose all the things that we
could ever want for a business website, usually budget constraints stop us from doing so.
The reality is that most companies don’t consider the budget for their business website as a
separate entity to the rest of their IT or marketing budget. They should.
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Getting the right finance for a business is hard enough, but if you haven’t thought about how
you would delegate your budgets you need to go back to square one. Most people who start
a business find it difficult to secure finance, especially when many programmes for
VA small business loans have been closed down over the years. It doesn’t help your budget
when it’s hard to find the right information that you need on the financial side of starting a
business website. You have to think about whether you start up using a free platform such as
WordPress, or you pay an agency to host your website for you. There are costs to consider
with your website development and the budget should have these costs down:
Domain Name. You can’t just announce to the world a name for your website, but what you
can do is register a domain name first. To register, you’ll need to buy your chosen domain
name from any number of websites like these that specialise in them. You’ll have to think
about your domain name when you set up your company, because there’s no use in setting
up a business with a specific name when you can’t use that name online.
Website Hosting. Your domain is what you call your site, but your hosting is where your
site will live. Think of it like renting office space; you have to rent yourself a little space online
so that you can be found by potential customers. You can do this with a website hosting
company or you can compare your options depending on whether you need e-commerce or not.
SSL. Security is so important for your business website, especially if you hope to data capture.
When your customers input their information on your website, they need to know that the
information is secure, and an SSL can do this. The costs can range, so do your research first
before settling on one particular SSL.

Building The Site. Your actual website will require some complex work to ensure that it is
running properly and it’s going to depend on what you need for your site when it comes to
budgetary planning. Factor in the time spent building the site, too, as you likely will need
to outsource this.

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