Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Things To Consider When Designing Residential Housing

Designing property is no easy task as there’s much more to it than simply meets
the eye. It’s not just planning the layout and size of rooms, it’s arranging everything
around it like costs to build, whether they will be for sale or rented out, who the
housing is aimed at, and features that you want to add to the property(s). Make
one wrong move and you could be stuck with housing that’s not appealing to
anyone and end up struggling to sell or rent it out. Take a look at these things to
consider when designing residential housing to help better make some of your

Solar panels

Anyone who sees that a property they are looking at has solar panels will immediately
become more interested. The earth is suffering more than ever thanks to pollution
that we have created, so fitting solar panels to extract and use energy from the sun
will spark interest from many different angles. They might be an investment that
you’re not keen on because of the cost, but they pay for themselves within a year
and help make energy bills dramatically drop. Definitely a selling point for your
residential housing!


Who doesn’t love the idea of having a pool nearby that they can take advantage of?
Whether you decide to fit a personal pool in each home or make a residential pool for
everyone to enjoy together, it will immediately allow you to bump up the price of
selling and even rent prices. Swimming pool construction is now easier than ever
thanks to Brisbane Pools and can come in many different shapes and sizes. Imagine
creating a luxury complex for new residents to enjoy and reaping the benefits of the
higher rent prices!

Air conditioning

Installing air conditioning in your housing is always a good idea. No matter what kind
of climate you live in, there’s always times where the air in the room simply isn’t fresh
enough or it’s too warm. Consider adding air conditioning to each of the homes that
you’re building so that not only can people take advantage of it, but it will add yet
another selling point to the properties that you’re building.

Tinted windows

Like air conditioning, having tinted windows can help keep the air and the heat of
your properties at bay. Not only that, having tinted windows adds immediate privacy
to the homes and also helps save furniture from fading due to the sunlight hitting it.
It’s fairly inexpensive and can add an amazing selling point to your properties.

Consider these four ideas when designing residential housing and you’re guaranteed
to add value to either the selling price or your asking price for rent!

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