Friday, December 21, 2012

Life coaching - I tried it

Recently I had a session with a life coach. I had to fill out a survey, then they compiled the results and sent me a 23 page document on them and some generalisations then I had a 1 hour skype chat with them. It was interesting, but I am not sure I would use the services of a life coach again.

We went over everything happening n my life changes I want to make etc but since I was already on a path of change, it felt like I was just getting reassured.

Interestingly enough I have been pondering the changes I want to make quite a bit lately and I am finally getting a proper picture of where I want my life to head. There are a few main area I want to address:

Family: I feel I don't spend enough quality time with my daughters. I have been fairly stressed out lately and next year I will hardly see them as they will both be at school and on weekends they will be with their dad.

Love: I am going through a messy divorce at the moment. The divorce was definitely the right decision and I do not regret it at all. I would like to remarry eventually so the life coach suggested writing a soul mate list. I have had friends do this before and many of them have found exactly what they were looking for. I have started dating a little and I know what I want, but what I want is very different to what most men expect.

I won't share exactly what I want, but even discussions with women make it clear my ideals are very different to most women's ideals and what is expected today. I've only really shared tidbits with some close friends and most thought I was crazy. I felt comfortable enough to share my full set of ideals with one guy and he thought it sounded "awesome" but he and I think very similarly so I was not surprised by that. Most men I met I do not think I could have what I want with. Cryptic, I know. I may share more in another post.

Career: I love what I do - blogging, writing, speaking etc. But have felt for a while the direction I am heading is not necessarily the right one for me. I have longed to do psychology since I was a teen (I was going to do psychology and law). With my kids in school next year, if I get a routine down pat I might enrol for 2nd semester. I have also applied for a job which came up and have been working out the redesign of my websites and my business plan.

Health/looks: I am healthier than I have been in a long time. I've dropped to a size 10 and now I want to tone up more. I am doing pole dancing and it is amazing for my strength and fitness. As well as health, I want to change some of my looks a little. I want to remove my wisdom teeth and possibly get veneers fitted, although my research on it has me a little wary of them. I have been working on my ideal wardrobe and looking into laser hair removal (although I am blonde, so it is not really worth it yet.)

Since I got robbed last month, I am looking at using some of the money from that to cover what I would like in terms of looks and health.

Housing: I hate where I live and am looking at moving in a month or so. Where to I am not sure right now, but I do know I will eventually leave Sydney. I will own a house again (my ex is going to pay me out for our house) and I know what sort of house I want. This year I will be plugging away at saving so I can buy what I want. In the mean time I am going to use Feng Shui to improve my home with the first step being clear all clutter. I am giving away a heap of stuff, selling others and only keeping my bare necessities.

Friends: This is a tough one for me. I am a very social person and love to talk. I have noticed though that my choice in friends is not so good. The friends I have where I live tend to tear me down and make fun of me for trying to improve my life. I dress better now, am slimmer and take pride in my appearance everywhere I go. I don't mean to be up myself, but I want to educate myself more, I read non fiction and expand my mind with intelligent conversations. They are more interested in gossip and discussing people. I have great friends online who are on par or above me, it just seems in my real life this is lacking and is something I need to address.

So in a nutshell, that is what was discussed and those are the changes I need to make. I will post my resolutions/goals for 2013 based on this soon.

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