Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is free worth it?

I get a lot of free stuff both from blogging and from just random samples/prizes/free gift with purchase etc. In fact this year I have been tracking all the free stuff I get at FreebieYear and I have been surprised at just how much free stuff comes my way.
But is it worth it?
Sometimes I have to fill out forms; sometimes I have to wait in line at a counter; sometimes I spend an hour entering blog giveaways, then only win 1 prize worth $50.
Basically, while I do get a lot of free stuff, it is not 100% free. I use my time to enter, give out my name and email to enter most things as well (I actually have an email account specifically for this) and sometimes get lucky. Yes, I have got a lot of stuff, but this week when I got back from Canberra, I felt bogged down by it all.
Getting it was fun, but a lot of it is now sitting there. Some has been used, some given away, but some came and was not what I expected, so it sits.
Now, it is taking me more time to get rid of it.
Some free stuff is worth it, and I have always been pretty selective with what I get/enter, as I only want what I will use. But I am going to be even more selective now.
What do you think, are freebies good or not?


  1. I tend to agree. Sometimes I won't enter a giveaway if there are a few things I don't want and only some I do, as I know with my luck I'll end up with the stuff I don't want or need!

  2. Funny you should post this today as I have just gotten back into entering competitions and have been thinking about the prizes involved. I only enter comps that either have something I know I'll use myself or I know will make a good gift for someone else.

  3. Me too Allicat. I only enter if I really want the prize.
    Peta, they can be good, especially for gifts and things.


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