Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fast Money - 11 Ways To Get Cash Now

Sometimes, no matter how well we budget and plan, we find ourselves in situations where we need cash and we need it now. Before running off to get a loan or put everything on your card, here are some things you might want to try:

1.) Sell your stuff - Listing on eBay can take time, but uploading a picture on Facebook can see your item sold very quickly. There are specifica pages and groups you can join for your area to sell your items, or you can create an album on own page and just sell to friends/family.
2.) Babysit - If you have until tomorrow to get the money, ask around to see if someone needs a sitter today or tonight.
3.) Mow lawns/clean gutters - Ask your neighbours if you can mow their lawns today for whatever price you agree on. Clean out gutters and other gardening jobs are a good idea too.
4.) Get in a boarder - If you will be needing the money over a longer period, a boarder can be great. Provided you have the room, and put a contract in place, set some rules etc. I was once doing a clients hair when I was a hairdresser and mentioned I wanted to move into the area. She spun around so quick "Really? Because I am about to start looking for a room mate!" So I went to her house that day and moved in 2 days later. That was in 2004 and we are still friends today. (Although, I did get married and move out in 2005).
5.) Cleaning - If you have a spare hour or 2 you could clean someone's home. The rates are pretty good and you can listen to music while you do it.
6.) Ironing - If you work already, people could drop some baskets off that night and you do them, so they can pick them up the next day.
7.) Clean out a garage - If you have the time you could de-clutter someones garage for them. It can be a daunting task for a lot of people, but once everything is cleaned out, sorted and tidy, it is easier to know what to chuck and what they actually want to keep.
8.) Wash cars - You could go to their place and do it at their house. It is up to you if you just wash the outside, or do a full polish, clean interior etc.
9.) Rent out any space such as you garage, attic, driveway etc. It's not just a room to live people are looking for. People with boats and caravans need to store them somewhere, as do people who are moving and need to store some stuff. If you have space, you can rent it out.
10.) Quick Repairs - Things like fly screens/window screens are easy to fix, but most people just don't know how. Witha  bit of screen and 30 minutes you can replace screens for a decent hourly rate.
11.) Paint numbers on rubbish bins/driveways - This is a great way to make it easier for people to find the right house number and to stop rubbish bins going missing. Having numbers painted on driveways or gutters in front of homes make it easy to find. You can door knock an entire street or just do friends and family.

But how do you actually get the work? Talk to people and let them know you are looking for someone to move in/jobs to do today or by a certain day due to an unexpected emergency etc. While they might not need the work, they might know someone who does.
Let people know on Facebook, twitter and other social media. Contact them by email and tell them to tell their friends.

What have you done to get money fast?

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