Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Make money from blogging - think outside the square

Most bloggers want to make money from blogging. The usual things people think of are selling adspace, affiliate links, adsense or creating something like an eBook to sell.  Another popular one is sponsorship.

Sponsorship is a pretty hot topic because bloggers are either for or against it. Some bloggers feel you should pay your own way to conferences etc, where others feel if you can get sponsorship it is much better for you.

Aside from selling space on your blog, hoping people click on adsense or buy from affiliate links, there are other ways to make money blogging.

I started off blogging without an end plan in mind. I had no plan as to how I would monetize my blog etc, but it evolved so much over time that I now have a few streams of income because of my blog.

Aside from ads, sponsorship etc. there is freelance writing, blog make over or designs which can come from your blog. Review products, then selling the product as well. This works really well with things like books. Every book I have reviewed I have then sold online.

Public speaking happened for me because of my blog and I know more and more bloggers who are doing this, and more who are becoming authors because of their blog. It is a great platform to launch a book.

Some bloggers start an online shop to sell downloadable products, printables, eBooks etc or to make and sell things if they are crafty.

All the monetizing ideas mean nothing if you don't have the traffic to warrant someone to advertise with you. There are loads of articles out there on how to get traffic, more on how to monetize your blog, but often we get tunnel vision and forget to think outside the square.

For example, instead of just contact businesses online, get out there and do it in your local area or for anywhere you visit. I was recently in Melbourne and mentioned to a stall owner I am a blogger and would love to work with them. They were excited because they didn't even know where to start when it came to approaching bloggers and we worked out a great partnership.

Don't just contact businesses/potential advertisers within your niche. I am a financial blogger, but I deal with all sorts of businesses, bloggers and sponsors. Most of my readers are females aged 25 - 45, so any business/product that would like to target that age group, particularly mums, is a good fit for my blog.

Guest post on blogs outside your niche. Many of us tend to stick in our own areas and post on each others blogs etc. There are only so many blogs in a niche readers will reader. Of course, there are millions of people reading blogs, but to get a wider range of readers, increase your exposure and increase possible advertising opportunities, think outside your niche.

To make money from your blog, think outside the square. Once you have some ideas ACT ON THEM!! Ideas are nothing if you don't do anything to make them happen.


  1. Some great advice Kylie, thanks.
    After taking time off from my blog, I am diving back in but this time with a plan and a goal of where I'd like my blog to go and what I'd like it to be :)

  2. Thanks Peta. Good you have some goals and direction now. :) Have fun with it.


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