Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to sell on Facebook

I have been selling more and more on Facebook because it is really easy, there is no waiting for people to bid, I set the price and we arrange pick up and cash payment.

If you want to clear some of your stuff there are a few ways you can sell on Facebook.

1.) A garage sale page/group - Difference areas have their own garage sale group you can ask to join. Then it is simply a matter of listing your items via a photograph in the albums and people can comment on the photo if they want to buy it then you arrange pick up through direct/personal messages instead of on the garage sale page.

2.) Your own album - You can create a photo album of things you want to sell on your private profile. Of course, this means only friends and family will see if they look, but you can also email the link to friends and family so they can pass it on. You never know if they might know someone who is looking for something you are selling.

3.) Create a page to sell - You can set up a page to sell things on Facebook. The hardest part of this is getting people to like the page so your stuff actually sells.

While Facebook was originally intended to just be a social media, you can use it to help your finances and sell your stuff as well as keep in contact with friends and family.

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  1. I've never sold anything on facebook, but every time I log on somebody is selling something. I hate selling stuff because it's so much work.


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