Monday, April 2, 2012

Lack of preparation is costly

I went to a conference on the weekend. This is the only image of a little suitcase I bought for my carry on luggage. You see our plan was to cram everything into 2 carry on cases and then take the 3rd empty to fil up for on the way back. Problem is we left that carry on at home!

That was not our only stuff up.

It started with the flights. I didn't read them correctly and booked us on cheap flights that were so cheap because they didn't go to the main airport and you had to pay for a shuttle back to Melbourne.

That wasn't too bad as the cost of the shuttle to near our hotel was the same as the cost of the Skybus from Tullamarine airport to near our hotel. Problem is I had already book and paid for Skybus tickets. So we had to pay for transport twice. Luckily Skybus tickets are valid for 3 months and you do not put in a set date so they can be used any time.

If we had done a little more research into the public transport at our location and places to eat I am sure we could have saved a little more there too as we used taxi's a bit and ate whatever, whenever we felt like it.

All up it would probably be $200 or so I could have saved had I been more prepared. But I had a great time, so I don't mind. And the carry on suitcase was on my list of things to buy soon anyway, so not a huge issue.

Have you ever spent more than you planned because you weren't prepared?

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  1. I hate when that happens! I do that almost every Thursday when I forget to bring two meals - lunch and dinner- to work. I have class late that day and so I usually need to buy dinner. Obviously it's not a huge expense but it adds up!


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