Friday, April 13, 2012

Investing in shares?

I have been thinking more about shares and investing in things lately. I do not have a lot of free money since my daughter now needs speech therapy which costs almost as much as half my mortgage payment a week, so is a fair chunk of money. But I figure I could start doing some research on companies and things now.

Previously when picking shares I just selected Bluechip shares as they are safe and easy, well relatively safe. I am well aware of the financial situation across the world over the past few years and the drop in value for many etc. This time around I would like to know a little more about companies and things instead of just picking strong companies.

I was shown a site this week, which I really think would help. It is a UK based site so more relevant to my UK readers or those wanting to know about UK companies. It shares all the info on companies house directors with over 20 years of financial history and things too. A site like this I think is very valuable when doing research not just for shares, but for starting a business or comparing things with your competitors. With many businesses aiming to venture overseas sites like this can help you determine how well a company is doing and see if it is worth your while trying to establish your business elsewhere. It can help you see the history of companies to determine if you want to invest in shares (like me) or you can check out the directors to see if they are the sort of people you want in charge of the company you are looking at.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever done much research or used sites like this to know more before investing in shares? Or have you ever considered using a site like them to launch your business overseas?


  1. J and I keep signing up for the ASX share game but haven't done much with it. Its great in that you get $50K to play with in a pool of 100 companies and it uses the real stats etc so while you learn you play the market risk free. It goes for 3 months which means you get to see many ups and downs in that time. I really should look into it properly, we keep talking about it.

    1. I keep meaning to do the ASX share game too, I forgot about it when writing this. Thanks for reminding me.


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