Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to cope with increased petrol costs

This week marked the start of a big increase in petrol costs for us. Our bill will double from now for the next 3 months, or so I thought. I need to drive my husband to and from work now, which is not a short trip.

It is a 30 - 45 minute drive to my husbands work, factor in waiting for him to finish when I pick him up and it is about 3 hours each day he is working I am spending driving him to and from work. Unfortunately public transport is not an option for between our place and his work. And since last year we spend much of the year without full time work, we are not willing to give up his job.

I thought I would see quite an increase in our petrol consumption, but I forgot to factor in a few things.
1.) I drive differently. I don't speed like my husband does, I don't drive aggressively so there are no sudden stops and fast take offs. I am conscious of how I am driving and trying to reduce my petrol consumption as well as drive safely.
2.) No more speeding tickets
3.) I am more aware of how much petrol is in the car and can look out for prices on petrol between a variety of suburbs and fill up accordingly.

I no longer thing our petrol will double. I expect to see it increase but not by as much as originally thought. I was also looking at what is available along the route we drive. Since we don't take the toll roads ($7 each way and it would only save 12 minutes!) we go through some hobby farm areas. Many of these farms have signs out the front selling farm fresh produce at much cheaper prices than the shops in our local area. It is all seasonal and looks to be quite good. There is everything from eggs and honey to potatoes, strawberries even meat.

Another thing I noticed was various plants for sale much cheaper than nurseries. We plan on doing our garden and this will be a way for us to keep costs down.

I am hoping that the savings on groceries and plants will help subsidise the increase in petrol. There are a few other things I am looking into to help take advantage of our current situation. I am trying to make the best of it, despite the fact I do not like all the driving I now have to do.

(Just as a side note, car pooling is not an option, public transport is not an option, a taxi fare would be $100 so not worth it and my husband does varying shifts of 12hours in length, so this is not something I have to do 5 days a week, more like 3 days most weeks.)

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