Thursday, November 24, 2011

Win big with blog giveaways

I have always like giveaways but this year since I have gotten more into blogging and the whole community behind it I have been blown away. Some of the stuff up for grabs is just amazing! Not just that but the chances of winning on a blog giveaway are a lot higher than magazine, radio and other competitions.

This year I have won:
Books - a few different ones
Clothing - a gorgeous dress for me and one of my daughters
Food - a huge Gluten Free pack
DVD - Spooky Buddies (which was on my daughters wish list for Christmas)
Hair care - Herbal Essence shampoo, conditioner and mousse
Candles - Yankee Candle
Gift vouchers - such as Bakers Delight, Groupon, Karma Soaps and more
Beauty Products
and more!

Prior to this I would be lucky to win something once in a blue moon. Sometimes I don't even do anything but leave a comment. It is seriously that easy!

Not only do I do a giveaway every week on my new blog so everyone has a chance, but I have been finding so many Australian giveaways mainly through Facebook and twitter to enter. It only takes a few minutes, if that to leave a comment.

Do you enter giveaways?

On top of giveaways I am always on the look out for freebies, samples and things. I have received lollies, drinks, chips and snacks, skincare, make-up and perfume and more. All these things I am able to collect through out the year, combine it with my giveaway winnings and I have some great Christmas presents, (Of course I keep stuff I really love for myself too.)

My tips for entering giveaways are:

  • Follow blogs that regularly do giveaways and not just on their blog, but through Facebook and twitter as well as they often mention other giveaways on there too.
  • Enter. It does't take long to leave a comment and enter most giveaways.
  • Don't worry about how many entries. I have looked and nearly not entered some giveaways because there were over 100 or 200 entries. I entered and much to my surprise I won. Of course, the lower the amount of entries the higher your chances of winning.
  • Share. By sharing the giveaways on Facebook and twitter you give others the opportunity to enter, usually get a bonus entry and other people are more likely to share with you.
So what are you waiting for? Go enter some giveaways!


  1. love it. I do enter giveaways and I'm looking forward to the fact that I have a whole week of giveaways next week as a bit of Christmas Special. It is just as fun to giveaway as it is to win.

  2. How exciting Miss Mandy. I love doing giveaways, which is why I now do Freebie Friday on my other blog


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