Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Updates for challenges

Firstly, if you are interested, I have added the Google friend connect button on my new site Kylie Ofiu. I did try transferring the current one, but it wasn't updating properly.

My challenges have taken a slight detour. Originally my $40,000 challenge was for 2 family holidays, major bills and some debt. Now, my husband has virtually lost his job, they said there is no more work, but did not actually fire him or make him redundant, so he is still on there books and might get called in. This means that we will not be doing the 2 holidays we had planned and the aim for us now is just to get by. I will still be going to the USA, but it will be just me.

We were going to put a pause/stop to my studies and our renovations but instead I have continued with my studies, and we have started to get a lot more done to the house. We would ideally like to list it on the market in 1 month, but it depends on a lot of things, so we will see if it happens. Fingers crossed.

My sell 1000 things has been going really well. I am up to 262 items sold worth $1473.29 which is well above my hoped for $1,000. My current sales average is $5.62. It has stayed around the $5 mark the whole way along, and if it maintains that the whole way I will be ecstatic.

Of course if our house sells I will not be adding it to my sell 1000 things total, although it would create a great total! We are still in discussions as to what we will be doing once we sell. We are not sure if we will stay in Sydney for a bit or move back to Canberra, but we do know we will be renting for 6 - 12 months. We don't want another mortgage for a while and when we buy we want to buy where we plan to stay for a LONG time and get a house we don't need to renovate.

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