Wednesday, June 8, 2011

1000 Things Update

This week I sold 7 more things, which was cool. They were worth $76.95, but I got a whole lot more listed, so hopefully will have more things sold soon. I have even more to list, so we’ll see how I go.

My new 1000 things total is 190. So only 810 more things to sell. My dollar amount is now $898.95.

Has anyone else heard of fiverr? I just found out about it on digital parents, nellbe posted about it. It is American, but lots of things you could offer can be done from home online, so that is not a real issue. I haven’t used it, but would love to hear of people’s experiences. It could be a great way to sell 1000 things. Just think, if you sold 1000 things on there for $5ea (online services) that would be $5,000!

So if anyone knows if it is any good, please leave a comment.

My plans for the next week involving this challenge and my $40,000 are not much. I just want to list a few more things for sale, see if I can find anything else in the house to sell, do a few little renovations on the house and garden and just keep saving money.

I have my menu plan and shouldn’t need to buy much this week in the way of groceries and now my husband catches the train to work our petrol/travel expenses are much lower which is helping. There are a few other things I would like to change around here which would save a few hundred dollars over the next 4 months. I just need to convince someone else it is worth it.


  1. I looked at fiverr today. It seems like the tasks being sold for $5 are pretty complex. Great if you're the buyer, but possibly not worth your time if you're the seller. I'd love to hear a seller's experience, though.

  2. They are fairly complex some of the things. I'd love to know someone who has been the seller and if they find it worth their time at all.

    Thanks Paula

  3. I love fiver, i make alot of purchases there and i think i'm going to see if i could set up some kind of service to sell on it and outsource it. The $5 price point is perfect because its a relatively small amount of money so purchasers don't think about it, but it can add up quick if you can scale the service.


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