Monday, May 16, 2011

I saved $200 on groceries this week!

J.Money from Budgets are sexy threw down a challenge this week, Make or Save $50! I had already set myself a challenge to not buy any food, which judging by our recent grocery habits would save $150 - $200 already, so now I was even more determined to do this!

This was not easy, especially since we had already been eating pretty much just out of the cupboards the week before so they were really starting to get bare.

We managed to do it though and I am proud to say we did not immediately then go out and splurge all our money buying food or go buy up everything we had eaten.

This week took a lot of planning as we had ran out of what I consider pretty much basics such as milk, cheese and eggs as we did not have much of them to begin with. Oh, I also did not have my oven connected so had to use a frying pan, slow cooker or the microwave which made things a little more interesting.

Whilst not easy, we ate a lot of food that had been sitting there waiting patiently to finally get used up or else go off.

What did we eat exactly?

Day 1 – cornflakes, Scrambled eggs, sweet and sour pork, banana cake

Day 2 – Fruit salad (tinned), cereal, curry with beef, lentils, black beans and potato, cake,

Day 3 – Spinach ricotta fritters, tortilla’s, roast chicken with garlic beans and rice

Day 4 –fruit and cereal, fried rice, left over chicken pasta

Day 5 – Cereal with milk!! Rice with sugar and milk, lamb ribs

Day 6 – yoghurt, chickpea curry, satay beef

Day 7 – Toast/yoghurt and fruit, sandwiches, beefy stew

I actually worked out a menu plan to take us over the week and we will continue it as I would really like to use up all the food we keep meaning to and start from scratch again.

During this time we had a few bonuses such as the milk my husband got and chocolates when my parents visited which made it easier. I transferred our grocery money straight out so there was not even the opportunity to spend. My mantra the whole week was we can do this!

Most of what we ate this past week is not going to be replaced such as the lentils, chickpeas, spinach, ricotta, lots of the meat (it was a bulk buy and it turns out we don’t really like all the cuts available) so we did save money. Without this challenge, that food would have been thrown out and we would have spent more money on food.

I did a few other things this week besides the groceries such as sold some books, wardrobes and a few other bits and pieces, since I had already decided on this challenge when I joined J.Money.


  1. Love your blog and posts. We all need reminding and encouragement to think outside the square and not be emotional spenders. I often wonder how mall shopping became a social sport when we all complain about having no time or money. Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. We were forced to do the same throughout the winter, and found we ate better and became more creative.

  3. Great Post!! I am your newest follower! You can follow back at:


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