Friday, April 1, 2011

Should I attend this Financial Bloggers Conference?

Recently I attended the Aussie Bloggers Conference which I loved, but one thing I have always wanted to attend is a financial bloggers conference, as my blog is about finances.

My mind is racing. I just came across a Financial Bloggers Conference. This conference happens to be in the month my sister in law is planning her wedding in Hawaii. My husband has family in many parts of the USA, so accommodation and things between the conference and wedding would not be a problem.

The conference is in Chicago, but a flight from Hawaii to Chicago is not as expensive as I would have thought. In fact most flights around the USA are not as expensive as you would think considering how big the country is.

As much as I would love to attend, I probably won’t be able to due to many variables, but I think I am going to look into it further. I think it would be very beneficial as it is more geared towards what my blog is about and I would learn a lot. Also there are heaps of bloggers going whom I would love to meet.

It’s no secret to most people I know how much I love America. I love Australia too, but for some reason, ever since I was a kid I have always wanted to live in America. I’ve only been once, in 2005 and I got to do a lot of what I wanted and had dreamed about for years.

I can find pretty much any excuse at anytime to go there. Actually doing it is a different story. Whilst I would love to, it is not always practical.

If I am going to be in America in October I will go. I should know soon if we will be there, as my sister in law is getting married in Hawaii, well that’s the plan. She hasn’t booked yet, so we’re not sure.

What would you do? If you found something you have wanted to go to but it was on the other side of the world would you find any way to go or would you just leave it?

I know I need to weigh up the pros and cons of attending. I did this with the Aussie Bloggers Conference. I almost didn’t go to it and only did decide to attend as it was so close to me. Had it been in Melbourne, I may not have gone. (Although if it is in Melbourne next year I will definitely still attend). I unsure as I had never been to a conference, my blog was small compared to many I followed and I really couldn’t see what I would get out of it besides networking.

I am not a drinker so didn’t want to attend the dance after wards, but that clearly looks like it was heaps of fun.

I am so glad I decided to attend that conference because if I had not, I would not be in the position I am in now, with a book coming out in June and a variety of other opportunities which have presented themselves.

This is why I am questioning if I should just go.

What would you do?


  1. Do it! If you can even be in the country at that time then surely the universe is trying to tell you something? I am glad you come to the Aussie Bloggers Conference, it was great meeting you and chatting with you.

  2. agreed... life's too short to um and ah about what u want. Go for it, especially if you have the means too.

  3. If you can manage it, GO! You'll never know unless you GO!

  4. If you are able to work the flights around the rest of your plans, then I would go. Even if your sisters wedding is not in Hawaii, since it will be going into the USA autumn/winter, you may find flights are cheaper for Oct.

    You never know who you will meet, and surely your book and this blog would be beneficial to Americans, not just Australians. The potential networking opportunities would be awesome.

    I hear Chicago is really nice as well :)

  5. If you can combine stuff, like visiting family, attend the wedding etc go. Also, do you think you will regret it if you don't go?

    Go if you can, you sound like you really want to go.

  6. Interesting predicament, Aspiring Millionaire!
    What a pity the conference is in Chicago rather than Hawaii!
    I just had a really quick look at the website, and it's a shame in a way that this will be the first conference of its kind (as if it had been held previously, you could have checked to see how much info will be released afterwards online).
    Have you looked into flights to Hawaii yet? I went there for a conference a few years ago and got a very very cheap deal with JetStar. (And I got to "bring a friend" - my DH - for just $4!)
    It may also be worthwhile checking into a "Round-The-World" ticket, as often this is cheaper than a return ticket, and would allow you to make the two (or three, if you feel like an extra holiday!) stops without having to pay extra.

  7. Thanks everyone. I do really want to go and I agree nellbe, it was very much like I should go. (I liked meeting you too!)

    We saw and spoke to my sister in law last night and my father in law and it looks like we will have virtually no travel expenses for the wedding thanks to family connections (my husband is from Hawaii and has lots of family all over the USA). If that's the case I am going to the conference!!!

    So many family connections I didn't know about makes it look like I will be able to do it! I'm pretty excited. :)

  8. Wow! that sounds totally exciting and I think if you can fit it in do it! I think if it all works out for you it will be a great experience and I am happy that you have decided to give it a try. I look forward to the write up on that one :)

  9. Thanks Naomi. I think it'll be great and it is looking more and more doable.


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