Friday, April 29, 2011

$40,000 Challenge - Week 3

This week thanks to public holidays we earned more than usual as public holidays have great pay rates. Other than that though I don’t think we did a lot.

I earned another gift voucher which should be here in a few weeks. I also just didn’t go to the shops. We ran out of milk on Good Friday and normally when we run out we rush out to buy more. We go through way too much milk in this house as far as I am concerned so I have decided to cut back.

We are a 4 person household which can easily go through 3L of milk a day. We drink it instead of water, despite the fact my children are more than happy to drink water.

This week I have made a conscious effort to offer them water first and also to drink water myself. I have 3 drink bottles I keep filled up so they can just grab their own and drink. Since we are all drinking it there is no whinging. It has more than halved our milk consumption.

We also ended up being able to stretch a few of our meals further than expected so our menu plan will last a little while longer.

Whilst these are not huge changes right now, they will add up over the next few months. We have save $26 this week with stretching food and reducing the milk. If I can do that each week it is an extra $598 I can save over the remaining 23 weeks. That is a lot.

We have started looking at things differently. Is it a want or a need? Can we go without it for a bit longer? What can we sell to make money now? How can we do things more frugally?

There are so many more things we could be doing. We need to step it up. This week we plan on

-          Selling the 2nd car
-          Selling some things online
-          Refinancing (just waiting on some paperwork to complete it)
These 3 things will make a big difference! On top of them I still plan on doing menu planning and saving every way we can.

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  1. I think going to the shops is the killer ... go in for 1 thing come out with 10 ... well done.


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