Monday, February 7, 2011

Going for my dream home

About a year ago (I think it was a year, it could’ve been more) my sister in law and I were discussing homes and dreaming big/aiming high. She told me about her dream house and I in turn had a look at real estate and found my dream house. I watched that house for months. It wasn’t sold, but it went off the market.

Yesterday I was thinking about where I wanted to live. We know that in 12 months time we won’t be living here, but have been undecided about where to go. We love the Northern Beaches and would love to be on the water but lately that idea has not been feeling right. That might sound a little crazy, but as much as it was my dream to live right on or near the beach in Narrabeen, it doesn’t feel like the right thing for us.

We had discussed it and despite wanting to live on the beach we were pretty sure we knew the area we wanted to live in, sort of. He wanted to be near the city and would prefer to be on the outskirts with a decent amount of land. I want to be sort of self reliant with chickens and fruit trees. I’d love to have cows too, for our own meat, but we’ll see.

Anyway, I decided to jump back on and have a look in both areas, the city and the outskirts of the state we feel we should live in. I found  a few ok homes in ‘his’ suburbs, but really I would want to do xyz before I would consider them dream homes to me.  My suburb was a complete different matter.

I got on and there it was. My dream home. It was back on the market again. It had come on just yesterday. To me, it is perfect beyond belief. It has everything I want and more. What is even more amazing was my husbands reaction. He, who does not want to live ‘that far away” saw it.

“Wow. Thats perfect!”


There are certain things I have wanted in my dream home. I wanted an ensuite, I wanted a pizza oven, (I was going to make one myself), fruit trees with irrigation, acreage, 5 bedrooms (or more) a studio for myself a 3+ car garage, a few bathrooms, not just 1 plus and ensuite, a walk in wardrobe, a private courtyard area for the main bedroom, open plan kitchen/living area, a separate lounge area for the kids... The list goes on.

The point is this house has everything on my list and more. I literally could write up my list and check everything off with this house.

I can hardly believe it is back on the market. It is now the home I am aiming for. I can’t get it right now, but I plan to get it.

In The Answer John Assaraf talks about looking at his vision boards. He opens a box after he has moved house to find old vision boards of his. One in particular has a home on it that he wanted to live in. What he realised looking at the vision board was the home on it was the home he had just moved into. The vision board was a few years old.

I have found this with other things on my vision boards, so I am going to put a picture of this home, my dream home, on a vision board in my room. I know that through being smart with my money I will get it.

You have to believe to achieve.


  1. it sounds like a home form the OC... Totally dream big and aim high, it's the only way to get there right? (as wella s act, but you get my point)

  2. It is very OC, lol. Just not as close to a gorgeous beach!

  3. My dream home, is building one from scratch that is fully sself sustainable (power, water etc). Years off that yet, but it is my dream!


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