Monday, January 31, 2011

Results of $10,000 week 1

This past week ended up being a bit of a mess, so I didn’t quite get to do all that I wanted. Our air conditioner broke, so we spent time at my mother in laws as it has been incredibly hot. I also had my sister stay with us on the weekend (which was awesome) so we had take away. We literally just got back from my mother in laws when my sister arrived and I couldn’t be bothered cooking.

BUT I did do some things such as look for and collect coins. I am yet to deposit them, need to do that this week, but I have $12.75 so far and didn’t get to look everywhere yet.

I didn’t hire any DVD’s and I managed to avoid the tempting magazines, which was great. I sorted some of our finances out, still have a few more things to do, but overall it was a pretty good week.

We now have $648.07 saved, with much more to come this week.

This week our plans are

1.) Finish decluttering

2.) Garage sale (depending on weather)

3.) Menu plan

4.) Research more for the things we are saving this money for

5.) Finish financial overhaul

It looks like it is going to be another hot, hot week, but I am hoping we can handle it at our house instead of escaping to the air conditioning at my mother in laws. There’s too much I want to get done here!


  1. Although I love hot weather, I do find it very demotivating. Well done for staying on track!

  2. lol, yes it is very demotivating. I grew up in Tasmania, where over 26C was hot!

    Thanks. :)

  3. What an excellent idea, love that you've set your challenge and are so focussed. I'll be back to check out how your going with it, I'm so tempted to join the challenge!



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