Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cash Emails Club - I got paid!

I posted before about Cash Emails Club being a scam. It has been a rough ride with them, but I finally got paid most of my money today.

They had lots of problems and some of my money is still "pending" and will likely stay that way permanently.

I'm not sure if they are a scam or if it was simply a matter of being relatively new and stuffing everything up. I know a lot of people joined around the time I did and it may not have expected so many people.

As it stands my other accounts with their sister company Paid SUrvey Bank got dropped below the pay out limit and has stuff pending, which I am not sure I will see.

There's a few groups affiliated with this lot and I am not sure if they paid out one in the hopes of getting people to continue, so they can continue to scam or if they genuinely just messed up.

I have noticed the payments in their emails have gone from being almost $1 to 2c and 5c etc... So maybe they were paying too high and with so many members they were unable to pay out.

Either way, they did not handle it well. I am undecided what to do, but thought in the interest of being fair I should inform you I got paid by one of them.

Did anyone else get paid?


  1. Good to hear you got paid. Mine all 'conveniently' dropped below $50 so they wouldn't have to be paid, and the one that was closest to $50 (Cash Email Clubs), stopped sending emails. Will be interesting to see if I get paid next month.

  2. Thanks again for the wonderful blog award. I propped you on my blog. I will be passing it on when i get more time. (I should be doing homework) Haha!
    Have a great week!

  3. Hmm. I have never heard of this!

  4. I have had my earnings slashed by half on all five of their sister paid email sites. The amount paid is now down to 1c per day, with nothing for the other links, have never yet received any money, every time I reach over $50 it either does not get paid or else gets slashed yet again. Yes they must be scams but I am just hoping against hope that I will one day receive my cash. As a pensoner trying hard to pay bills I really need my payments. Jill

  5. Yes, I had noticed they had slashed their payments which I mentioned in another post later.

    Unfortunately there are many scams I am wondering if I only got paid as I mentioned it on here.

    Hopefully you get your money.

  6. I have been emailing Cash Emails Club constantly trying to get answers. I keep receiving their emails to click on offers but on my account history there is nothing showing since March 2011. It is now July. The offers used to say that it would pay a certain amount but says nothing now. I have clicked on some of them to see if they show up on my account - but NO. Even the payment that is showing $53 has not turned up in my PayPal account.
    Keep waiting for a reply before I close down my account. I don't see the point in clicking on their offers when they pay nothing.

  7. ya they stop sending any new email for 1 year then start again. my approve earning it 38$ and pending 15$. so let c what happen.


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