Friday, October 8, 2010

Blog Awards!!

I am so touched. I just got 3 blog awards. The 1st one from 3 different bloggers
Through My Eyes, The White Whimsies who also gave me the other 2 and 7 on a Shoestring who also gave me the other 2 as well. So I guess since I got 3 awards from 2 bloggers and 1 from another blogger, it's really 7 awards! I am so stoked! Thank you all SOOOOO much! :)

Rules for accepting these are:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass this on to 15 other great bloggers you recently discovered
4. Contact the selected bloggers and tell them about their awards.

Seven things about me:

1.) I am 1 of 9 kids, 5 from my mum, 4 step, 2 of which took on my dads name and to me are my brothers, not step brothers.
2.) I grew up in Tasmania and love it, but don't think I could live there again.
3.) I currently live in a 1 bedroom unit. It's squishy, but we've did it for over a year and are about to move
4.) I LOVE the beach. I want to live on the beach. I would go swimming at the beach in winter in Tasmania when I was younger and lived there. I seriously love it!
5.) I love magazines, but try not to buy them. They are a hideous waste of money, but I love flicking through them.
6.) I once lost 25kgs on the worst diet ever and pretty much no exercise. Diet consisted of Krispy Kremes for breakfast (free at work), salad roll for lunch, sometimes free, and coco pops or cheesecake for dinner (my best friend and flat mate worked at The Cheesecake Shop, so got them for free.) I was broke and ate what I got for free or supremely cheap. Not healthy way to lose weight but I looked FANTASTIC!
7.) I am LDS.

That was hard! And yeah, I will answer questions on those 7 things if you are curious.

So 15 blogs I have recently found and really like...
A Little Bit of Everything a crafty/cooking/travel/photography/everything blog
Around My Family Table another cooking blog
Big Mama and The Bristol Project she has just one change blog hop each week for weight loss and because of it I lost 3kg last week!
Jangles Quilts she does amazing quilts such as customized Australian ones. She’s also having a fabric sale!
Living a Healthy Beach Life is a couple who want to retire at 30, so similar to me!
Me in Millions is also working towards becoming a millionaire.
Pretty Handy Girl is a home decor type blog with great ideas
Pumpkin Tart is an awesome cooking/recipes blogs
Stretching the One Income Dollar has lots of money saving ideas
The Adventures Of Loser Girl is all about her life. It’s quite interesting. Especially her recent date with “Bob”.
This Thrifty House covers lots of things such as home decor and is very talented
Tightwad in Training is a great money saving blog.
What’s in the Crock Tonight is cooking up a storm in the crock pot
Daily Dose of Fitness has heaps of exercise advice
Frugal Sisters is another great money saving blog with lots of tips.

So there you go people! Enjoy.

Don’t forget tomorrow I will be in Parramatta for Scrap for Yaz selling copies of my book 26 Ingredients to help raise funds. It’s at the Mecure Hotel in Parramatta from 9am to 4pm. Would love to see you there!


  1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!


  2. I ADORE me in the millions. I'm glad to see her on your list!

  3. Add this to you list of awards!

    I love your blog which is why I awarded you this award. Check it out:

  4. Thanks for the award! Sorry I was delayed in responding...we've been on vacation.

    Around My Family Table


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