Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Determining your blogs success

I am curious to know how you are determining the success of your blog or how you will, if you don’t feel it’s there yet.

I know there are many ways to get a feel for how you are going but do you have an actual goal/figure/something in mind?

I originally was going by my alexa ranking. Don’t know what I am talking about? Alexa basically determines where you are in world rankings. Google is number 1 as it gets the most hits. If you click here it’ll take you to where you can down load it so you can see where you are ranked.

It has one minor problem, it only counts visits from computers who have the alexa toolbar installed, so it is not completely accurate, but it’s as close as we can get right now.

When I changed my name from 1 Million Dollar Challenge and bought the domain name Aspiring Millionaire I went from being ranked in the 400,000’s to 22 million. So I have had to build up my ranking again. It has made me realise that the alexa ranking whilst important, is not the most important thing to me anymore. I would like to get under 200,000 so I will still be working on it, but there are other things that will determine my success (in my mind).

Feedburner is a great way to know how many people are signed up to your feeds. I recently changed mine. I should have done it as soon as I changed my domain name, but for some reason I couldn’t get it to switch. I’ve done it now and to me, having over 1000 followers would mean I am getting there in the success stakes.

Analytics helps you to view what’s happening on your site, such as how many visits you are getting, which pages are most popular, where people are coming from, how long they are staying on your site etc... It is really useful to determine what works and what doesn’t on your site.

Also, seeing the traffic is a great indicator of how successful your site is. When I am reaching thousands of people a week, I will view that as successful.

Another way to determine success would be how much you are making from your blog. This should not be your main motivation behind blogging, as most people do not make a lot of money from their blogs. It is a lot of work and a blog needs constant attention for it to be successful. Even if you have thousands of readers, or have a great alexa ranking you might not be making much money.

Why? Well, making money from a blog is reliant on visitors liking your site enough to donate, or be interested in the ads in your side bar or you need to sell something on it. Either way, blogs are not an instant money maker and if the only reason you are blogging is for money you might end up disappointed and if you are using money as an indication of your success, it may take quite some time.

How will I be determining if I am successful or not? My key factors are

- Over 1000 Google friend followers

- Over 2000 feedburner readers

- Over 5000 visitors a week

- An alexa ranking of under 200,000

I am not there yet, but I will keep working on it.

What are your indicators for a successful blog?


  1. Great post! I use my google Ana. Account but dont get paid for my blog, i guess i determine it by how many people leave comments and actually ready my blog :0)

    Have a wonderful day

  2. SOmething that's important to me, is my influence and inspiration on others. But that is just about impossible to measure!!

    I would like to know that I've helped others, inspired them to change their lives for the better, or look at something differently. I guess the only way to get a feel of this, is to go by the comments you recieve, and people who backlink to your posts.

  3. I haven't really thought about whether or not my blog is successful. For me it is about writing good stuff and enjoying myself in the process as well as interacting with other bloggers. I will have a think about it but I can tell you now that going by your key factors, my blog is a long way from successful!

  4. Thanks Lauren. analytics is great isn't it!

    I agree Katiegirl. I love the comments so I know people like what I write and have gotten something from it. I like to think I write useful/inspiring things. :)

    MultipleMum, it's so important to enjoy it and do it for the love of it. I think blogging can be really addictive actually, lol. And you can only be successful if you love what you do! :)

  5. great post, and a question we get asked daily.

    I would be glad to provide you with some simple free pointers on how to gauge your blogs presence and success - in terms of numbers anyway. Just e mail me through our profile. Afterall, you only get visits through your blogs visibility, and visibility is not obtained simply by writing posts - that's part of the success and a big peg of the "puzzle" but by far not the only one.

    I want to publicly comment on one of your statements, though, just in case others are using ALEXA to gauge their success.

    You said: "It has one minor problem, it only counts visits from computers who have the alexa toolbar installed".

    Not sure where that comes from, but that is not correct. alexa aggregates global numbers form a variety of sources, and has nothing to do with alexa toolbar. toolbar, if installed, serves a distinct and different purpose, and has no influence on metrics. In our other venture, we develop sites/programs and strategies for site owners, and rely exclusively on alexa info and google analytics - 2 of the best FREE tools out there, in my humble opinion.

    what is completely flawed and inaccurate ( though many unsuspecting bloggers use it and being mislead by every day) are visitor counters such as sitestats and sitemeter. they are bizarre to say the least, and should not be used.


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  6. Thanks for your comment.

    Just to clarify the reason I said what I did about alexa - if you go to you will see in the disclaimer "The traffic data are based on the set of toolbars that use Alexa data, which may not be a representative sample of the global Internet population."

    is to cover themselves as they mostly rely on their own toolbar to gauge traffic. It is the main determining factor. Every blogger I know has had a surge in alexa rankings after discussing the alexa tool bar and recommending it on their blog.

    Also if you google how does alexa work you will see lots of answers that support what I said about it.

    Thanks again.


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