Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If I met my younger self...

If I met my younger self is part of another Blog This Challenge. Would I give myself advice? Part of me says yes, the other part says no, because I am who I am thanks to my life experiences.

My younger self as a teen was fairly wild by my conservative family standards, but pretty tame by most people’s standards. I did a lot of things I regret now, but I learnt from them, eventually. I was the sort of teen I hope my kids are not. Yet compared to many of the teens I see today, I’d rather deal with a mini me than them.

So what would I tell my younger self? There are a few things.

1.) Save harder and invest younger.
2.) When your dad says you should wait a few days so you can buy the Corolla instead of getting the Mazda that is almost the same colour as your hand bag so totally matches now, wait the few days! Get a good reliable car.
3.) Copy your mum’s recipes. This is if I met myself before I am 15. My mum died when I was 15 and many of her recipes died with her. I wish now I had listened to her more and learnt more from her. That goes for lots of things, not just cooking.
4.) Breathe. Yes, BREATHE. I am hot headed and need to learn to relax more and just breathe in and out. It is not normally as bad as I think.
5.) When Dad threatens to send you to a certain Catholic school to “straighten you out” instead of responding “Do that and I’ll get expelled in the first weeks o it’ll be a waste of your money” go to the school. You hated the one you were at, a new school, new friends etc... might mean you actually stay in school and do the degree you have always wanted to do (and now won’t be able to for some time!)
6.) Follow your dreams more. Life is for fun. Travel, find a job you love an enjoy your life. Don’t settle for second best.

Ultimately I cannot tell my younger self any of this, but I can teach others, such as my kids, so hopefully they will learn from my experience.

Did you like that little insight into the younger Kylie? It’s not huge, but you won’t hear me talk about being younger much at all!


  1. Great post! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I agree that you can't live with regret because it all makes you who you are, but I would really have to tell my younger self to not WORRY so much!!!!

  3. What a great list, especially about getting the recipes from your Mom. I think people don't realize that each day could be anyones last, and they need to do those things now!! Not wait! Especially when it comes to telling poeple how you feel, like saying I love you everyday...
    anyways, your blog is fantastic, what an awesome goal you have! Thnaks for following my blog, I'm now following you, too!

  4. This is an excellent list! Thank you so much for visiting The Foodie Mommie! I am following you back!


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