Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So, on my other blog I have been discussing a tough decision of mine. Do I move back to my rental or not? I moved from it 2 ½ years ago and promised myself I would NEVER move back. Mainly due to some things that happened when I was pregnant there involving people close to me.

Well, things have changed. I do prefer where I currently live, but I won’t be able to afford here so I will be moving back. I am happy and comfortable with this decision.

You see, today I saw an article in a magazine that made me think about changing some things on my property up there. They were things I had looked into a bit before but was not in a position to do anything about. Without going into specifics I have been playing with sums and checking things out and it looks like by moving back now and making these changes I would be hundreds of dollars a week better off and would put myself in a position to be able to buy where I would like.

It will be a bit of work, but I think it will be worth it. The area our house is in is a high rental area and always will be I think. Making these changes will maximise the rental potential whilst providing capital gains.

I know I am not giving real specifics here, but I need more info on it before I can say much.

On another investment note I have finally got myself organised to invest in shares. I am so excited about it. After a lots of research and learning about it all, I picked 2 to start with. I have set up everything to trade and am super keen.

I have been reading lots about property vs shares and there are pros and cons to both. I like them both, so am really happy to be starting my shares portfolio and hope as it grows I will be able to invest more into property.

There is lots to know and it’s not something I recommend jumping into without doing some reading and research first. There so many companies to choose from, shares prices go up and down, you can do it yourself or use a broker, who do you go with, who much do you invest etc... It’s a lot. I have a little plan in mind for shares and how I will invest, my strategy etc... which may change as things happen.

A lot of the investments I am looking at are more long term things. So something I will buy into and hold for some time. I am more comfortable with this way of investing, but I may go more into trading shares or flipping houses later.

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