Friday, July 16, 2010

Bucket list linky on Monday!

On Monday I will be putting up a little blog hop, linky thing for bucket lists! So make sure if you have one on your blog already to link up or get cracking and write one.

I’ll be adding it as a tab on my menu bar so it will be easy to find forever! I’ve been sitting down and thinking about mine. I know I have lots of challenges and things for myself, many of which are on my bucket list, but there are a few things you might not know!

If you need some ideas, think about places you would like to travel and see such as the Eiffel Tower, Uluru, The Grand Canyon.
Or experiences you’d like to have such as climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, go snorkelling, go up in a hot air balloon.
Or would you like to learn a second language fluently, learn a musical instrument like the guitar, harp or maybe drums, maybe there is a sport you have always wanted to try like surfing or golf.
Do you want to own a house?
Do you want to own a business?
Maybe you want to walk into a shop and just buy whatever you want with no guilt.

A bucket list is about what YOU want to do. If someone has climb Mount Everest on their list, but you’d prefer to read your way through the 100 best books of all time doesn’t mean you have to copy. Just put down what you want to do!

For some more inspiration click here or Google “bucket list”, “things to do before you die”, “what’s on your bucket list?” etc...

So check back on Monday, I will have the linky up all week for you to join in!


  1. Great idea. I've been thinking about updating my bucket list, too, so that's perfectly timed!

  2. Thank you! Some fun stuff to look through.


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