Monday, June 28, 2010

Update on what I am doing

There is so much going on in my life at the moment I thought I would give you a quick update on the main things.

My job
I have the job, I think, but I have a few questions I thought of on Friday after my last conversation with my potential new employers. On Friday I got another “we’re really happy with you but the reference” call on Friday, I wrote about the previous one on Thurs.

Basically they are happy with my references now, but the person I will be working under still needs to approve of them, so I have the job provided they are happy. I will start in 1 week, and things will be a bit up and down as I have to go interstate for the training and there will be a bit of a juggling act going on with my kids whilst I settle in. Luckily we have lots of support here.

The base wage is not huge, but the commission and benefits are good. I am nervous about it, but I am sure it will all work out.

Debt reduction
The loan that was taken out a few months ago has been drastically reduced and should be gone soon. I still have my emergency fund and have managed to plug away at the debt. I have been really careful with my spending plus it’s almost tax time. Also once my husband stops working (which wont be for a few months) he will get a small pay out from holiday pay which will pay off his remaining half of the loan.

Buy a house
Back at the end of Jan, I decided I would have a house within 6 months. This one I won’t quite achieve. I thought my house in Syd might’ve sold by now and since I am not working and my name is on that property, the debt is too high on it for the bank to lend me anything right now. So even though I do own a property I am yet to buy one in this challenge, but that’s ok. I will eventually.

21 Day Make-over
I am going ok with the various things in this. I ended up not lasting very long before getting credit for my phone because I need to make a lot of phone calls and it is cheaper via my mobile cap and by signing up for a home phone or using a payphone. Oh, well. Once I have finished with these calls I will try again.

As for the other aspects in it, I am still yet to get a bike, but I won’t give-up.

I managed to sell most of it and make a profit, which was the aim. There was a little more work involved in doing it that I would’ve liked and I didn’t get to do markets like I planned with them, but it was all good. I got to keep a few pieces I really liked and gave a few as presents. Since I got them for way cheaper than I could ever buy them if I was buying a present I was really happy with that. There are a few select items I put away for Christmas as well, as it will save me a lot of money then. So it was a good move, but it was a slow process.

My book
I have not promoted it as much as I should have and have been really slack in doing what I planned lately. I have new goals for the coming months with my book, so things will improve in that area.

I think those were the main things. I did not want to state my exact net worth anymore, as I was feeling a bit exposed. I have been asked a few times, so I will tell you it is around the $50K mark, due to a recent amount I was owed and have been waiting for. That pumped it up quite nicely. It will go up again soon and I have an amount I would like by the end of the year, which I set for myself last year. Hopefully I get there! I am very determined.

The year is almost half over and I am not yet halfway to my aim for this year, but I still have 6 months and I have big plans.


  1. You are doing so well! I would be so darn proud of myself if I had accomplished that much in six months I would burst. Hope the job comes back a big YES! Don't be nervous - you will do so well.

  2. Stay encouraged and stay motivated. Having a written goal that you are committed to and working toward makes magic happen. If you start an affiliate program for your book, I would be happy to promote it on my blog.

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