Thursday, June 24, 2010

Job update

Just got word back apparently I did really well in the interview, they were very happy with me. They have spoken to one of my references and she gave me a glowing report (Thanks!!) They can’t get a hold of my other reference though and they have problems with it.

You see they want someone I have reported to, but other than my very casual job which I LOVE, I have not reported to anyone in a long time. I ran my own business in Sydney then had babies. The 2 salons before my business have changed owners and I have not stayed in contact with the owners. The only other person I have reported to that I still talk to is my original hairdressing boss, from 2002! Obviously not recent enough.

So I performed well in the interview and they would love to have me on board, but they are unsure because the only other reference I have is someone who reported to me and worked with me when I had my business. They need to discuss that. EVERYTHING else about me is perfect.

I don’t quite understand that. I have had 2 interviews and an online assessment all of which I aced. They were obviously happy with my application and resume, my first reference gave me a great report and I am tentatively going to be employed provided this reference is good? But then they are not sure if they will include her reference because I didn’t report to her, she reported to me.

If they can get a hold of her and they decide to include her reference I have a job. If they decide that since she was an employee not employer they won’t include her reference; I’ll have no job. It’s a waiting game still.

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