Monday, June 28, 2010

Fundraising with my book

Today I have been organising fundraising with schools through my book. So far I have only contacted local schools, and not as many as I was hoping to contact today, but that’s ok, I will do more tomorrow.

Basically what I am doing for anyone who does fundraising is I have a special where they run the fundraiser for 2 weeks and for every book sold 50% of my royalty goes back to them. I organise the order forms, brochures etc... After the 2 weeks, I collect everything and arrange a delivery time 1 week later (or whenever suits them).

I will also be doing incentives for the kids to fundraise, like sell one copy get a silicone band, sell 2, get a yo-yo, sell 10 get a soccer ball, things like that, so there is something in it for them besides money for the school.

I am hoping I can get a few schools on board with it. The ones I spoke to today all seemed quite interested and positive so I am hopeful. I plan on doing it all over Aus, focussing on Canberra, Syd and the surrounds to begin with as that is easiest for me, but I am happy to do it anywhere in Aus.

This is 1 of the big things I have planned for my book. I have lots of work to do but a short period of time to do it in. I am positive I can do it all though.

I got a suggestion a while back from someone (and now I can’t find the comment!!) about how they would be shameless and promote everywhere, like sports clubs and things. I had never thought of doing fundraising with sports clubs. I had thought of the schools, but not sports/work social clubs.

That is something else I will be doing. I have been so slack and really need to get my butt into gear with these things. They don’t happen by themselves!

I have organised some brochures to give to schools about it and am in the process of designing the other things for a fundraising event. There’s more to it than I first thought and I want it to look professional, so have been working hard on it.

If you have any suggestions or would like to do some fundraising, let me know!


  1. Good Luck :) . When recently running a babies and kids market I discovered that through the local council I was able to find a full list of every primary school - both public and private in the council area and their phone numbers and emails! In one afternoon I was able to email 55 schools asking about advertising. I made a chart and those I did not hear back from I rang. It saved alot of time and running around this way and i was able to get great coverage for the market by placing several ads in their newsletters. Through the council site I was also able to get a kindergartens and childcare centres list and in 3 hours a friend and I drove around to all of them and left fliers (all were happy to display them) as Kinders I found didn't answer the phone as much as schools did, not having office staff.

    Do you have a basic website set up with the fundraising details and the book? There are many good free websites that you can build and you could probably get a domain name cheaply if you wanted it more professional looking, that way schools could easily check out details about the book and the fundraising idea after you have spoken to them :).

    Good Luck :)

  2. Thanks Jen. Thats a great result for you!

    I do have a website for the book, but hadn't added the fundraising aspect yet. Should be up soon. It's

  3. I used to work in a community centre and we were always looking for new fundraising ideas for our various programs, so this may be another place to promote the fundraising option for your book. Try your council website for informaiton on local community/family centres.

  4. Awesome! (I was the one who said I would be completely shameless!) Great idea with the incentives for the kids too. Still consider doing the preschools too. Very excited for you.

  5. Thanks Alicia, great idea.

    Anonymous - I'm glad your still here! Thanks.


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